How To Melt Hershey Chocolate

Melt Hershey Chocolate

You may think that melting chocolate is a no brainer. It is important to take note that chocolate needs a bit of pampering to prevent it from burning or becoming grainy. This is no different when melting Hershey chocolate. There are a few effective ways you can melt Hershey chocolate and these include the microwave method, and the double boiler method.

The Microwave Method Of Melting Hershey Chocolate

One effective way to melt chocolate is with a microwave. When melting chocolate in the microwave you will need the following;

  • Your Hershey chocolate
  • A microwave safe bowl
  • Your Microwave
  • Wooden spoon or spatula

First, you simply unwrap your Hershey chocolate bar and chop it into small pieces. Place your chopped Hershey bar into the microwave safe bowl with no lid and place it in the microwave. Do not worry too much about the size of the chocolate. Set your microwave at low power for about 30 seconds or so. Make sure that your heat is low to prevent the Hershey from burning.  Take note that Hershey chocolate has high cocoa butter content so it will burn quickly if left for too long. After the first 20 to 30 second interval, take out your chocolate and stir it. Put the chocolate back in the microwave for another 20 to 30 seconds and repeat the process until you get your desired results. Once your Hershey has melted, you can take it out of the oven and allow it to continue to melt once you have removed it from the microwave. Make sure that you do not leave the chocolate in the microwave for too long otherwise it will get burnt and ruin your recipe. You can use your chocolate in a number of dishes such as with peanut butter and cookies.

When melting chocolate in the microwave make sure that you avoid these common mistakes. A lot of people think that melting Hershey in the microwave is a quick and easy process which is similar to heating up any other thing. This is not the case. Make sure that the utensils you use are dry before you start to melt the chocolate. Any moisture can prevent the chocolate from becoming glossy by turning into a dry lump. Make sure that you do not cover the microwave safe dish to prevent condensation to take place and result in water dripping into the mixture and causing it to seize. Consider using a glass bowl in the microwave. Glass can handle the heat much easier plus checking through the progress is much better since it is see-through. Always make sure that your temperature is low when melting the Hershey chocolate to prevent it from getting burnt. It is much better for you to add more time than to increase the heat. Always remember to chop up or cut the chocolate into small pieces for best results.

The Double Boiler Method

Another quick and more effective way to melt Hershey chocolate is using a double boiler. You will need;

  • Hershey Chocolate bar
  • The double boiler
  • Water
  • Wooden spoon or spatula

Always start by breaking the chocolate into small bars, or bits so that they heat up faster and melt quickly. Place some water in the bottom pot/pan of your double boiler and let it heat up on the stove. Put the chopped or cut up pieces of chocolate into the smaller pot/pan and put it inside the simmering water. Allow the water inside the bottom pan to heat up the smaller pan or pot. The heat from the simmering water will cause the chocolate to melt. Stir the chocolate with a wooden spoon as it melts. Continue stirring the chocolate until it completely melts and becomes smooth. After it has melted, you can remove the double boiler from the stove and add the melted chocolate to your recipes. When it comes to melting chocolate using a double boiler you must be patient. Make sure that you set your heat to low or medium on the stove for best results to prevent the chocolate from burning. In addition, make sure that no water gets inside the chocolate as you melt it in the top smaller pan/pot of your double boiler. This is because the water can cause the chocolate to seize up and turn hard and grainy. When that happens the chocolate will lose the creamy texture.

If you do not have a double boiler you can simply create your own make shift double boiler and melt your Hershey chocolate. Simply find a pot big enough to fit a small bowl. As you would with a double boiler, unwrap your chocolate and cut it up into small pieces. Put the small pieces of chocolate inside the small bowl. On the stove heat up some water in the bigger pot and set it to medium heat. Put the chopped chocolate inside the bowl and place the small bowl inside or on top of the bigger pot with hot water. Allow the hot water to heat up the bowl so that the chocolate melts. Continuously stir the chocolate as it melts making sure that no water spills into the bowl with chocolate. When you get your desired results remove the chocolate from the pot and use it for your recipes.

Tips For Melting Hershey Chocolate

When melting Hershey chocolate or any other chocolate, you must melt it using low heat. Always remember that chocolate burns easily. It is even better to take out your chocolate and leave it on the counter to melt at room temperature then put it in the microwave or in the double boiler to prevent burning it. Also, for best results consider cutting the chocolate into smaller pieces before melting your chocolate. Another important tip you should always remember is to never add water when melting your chocolate. You will spoil your recipe! Water will make your chocolate hard and grainy. The process for melting chocolate is simple but you need to take care whether you are melting chocolate in the microwave or over the stove.

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