How To Melt Dark Chocolate In Microwave

Melt Dark Chocolate In Microwave

A drizzle of fresh melted chocolate does wonders to a simple cake, a cut-out cookie, or a fruit platter. If you want to melt some chocolate it is best to take a low heat and slow approach in order to prevent a clumpy, burnt mess. Whether you decide to make use of a microwave or the stovetop, it is best to place the chocolate pieces inside a glass bowl or measuring cup so that you can see the changes. Whatever you decide to do, do not cover your bowl with a lid because it will trap the moisture and cause unwanted clumps.


What You Will Need

  • Bowl
  • Dark chocolate
  • Serrated knife

Steps To Heating Your Chocolate In The Microwave

  • The first thing you need to do is to select a high-quality semisweet or bittersweet dark chocolate.
  • Cut up the chocolate into chunks and shards with a serrated knife.
  • Take equal-size pieces of your chopped dark chocolate and place them in a clear glass bowl so that you can see the melting taking place
  • Set your microwave one minute on high.
  • Take out your dark chocolate, it should look shiny,
  • Stir it and microwave it for 20-second intervals, and ensure that you stir after every 20 minutes, until the chocolate is completely smooth.
  • Note that your dark chocolate will continue to melt once you have taken it out of the microwave.
  • Make sure that you do not microwave the chocolate until it has completely melted. If you do so you risk burning it.
  • It is important to keep a close eye on your dark chocolate because each microwave is different. It can be tempting to just leave your chocolate in the microwave but ensure that you take out your dark chocolate and stir it regularly for best results.

Other Methods Of Heating Dark Chocolate

The Stovetop Method

  • Another effective method of heating up your dark chocolate is on the stovetop using a double boiler. You need to take extra precautions when using this method to melt your dark chocolate.
  • If you have extra time on your hands you can make use of a small pot with a bit of water and place a glass bowl with your dark chocolate inside it in order to create a makeshift double boiler.
  • Allow the dark chocolate to melt in the bowl, stirring occasionally, until it has completely melted.
  • Remove the chocolate from heat and continue to stir it until it reaches a smooth consistency

What You Need

  • A small pot or pan with a bowl if you do not have a double boiler
  • Your dark chocolate

Steps For Heating On The Stovetop

  • Chop your dark chocolate
  • Put water inside your pot or pan and put your bowl over your pot or pan
  • Place your chopped dark chocolate inside the double boiler over simmering water/ put your chopped dark chocolate inside your bowl
  • Ensure that the bottom part of your bowl does not touch the water inside your pan or pot
  • Stir your dark chocolate gently until it has completely melted,

The Water Bath Method

Another effective method for melting dark chocolate is through a water bath. This method is considered a lazy way or hands off way of melting your dark chocolate. It  is quick and best for melting multiple chocolate all at once.

You Will Need

  • A slow cooker
  • Mason jars
  • Your dark Chocolate

Follow These Steps

  • Chop your dark chocolate
  • Fill the slow cooker with some hot water
  • Set your heat on high and leave the lid off
  • Put your chopped dark chocolate inside your large mason jars
  • Put your wide-mouth mason jars into the water.
  • Make sure that no water gets inside your jars
  • Leave your cooker with the lid off for about 20 to 30 minutes for your dark chocolate to melt

The Slow Cooker Method

The slow cooker method is also one the best ways to melt dark chocolate. This method is also ideal for melting chocolate in large batches.

You Need

  • A slow cooker
  • Your dark chocolate

Follow These Steps

  • Chop your dark chocolate
  • Place your chopped pieces directly into the slow cooker
  • Set your cooker to high heat
  • Cover the cooker and let it cook for an hour
  • Reduce the heat to low and continue cooking until your chocolate has melted
  • Stir your chopped dark chocolate until you get the desired results,

The Sandwich Bag Method

Also another effective way to heat up your dark chocolate is through a sandwich bag. This method is ideal for drizzling and decorating melted chocolate.

What You Need

  • A plastic
  • Your dark chocolate

Follow These Steps

  • Place your chopped dark chocolate inside a reusable plastic bag
  • Seal the bag completely
  • You can place the plastic bag inside another reusable bag to make sure that water does not sip in
  • When your dark chocolate has melted, use a scissors to cut a small corner of the bag when you want to drizzle your chocolate

Tips For Melting Dark Chocolate

Select the right brand of chocolate

The first and foremost thing is selecting the right chocolate. Different types of chocolate melt in different ways, especially if you select the cheap brands. If you  want a silky smooth melted dark chocolate consider purchasing good quality dark chocolate.

Be gentle with the heat

As much as choosing the right dark chocolate to melt is important, you must also pay attention to your heat when melting your chocolate. Treating your dark chocolate kindly as you melt it is important. Even though you can choose the right type of dark chocolate for your dish, melting at a temperature that is too high or too much heating time can mess up or even burn your chocolate.

Break the chocolate with a knife

When breaking your dark chocolate into pieces it is best to take the time you need to chop it with a knife instead of using your hands. That way your dark chocolate will melt evenly and you will get good results.

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