Where To Find Dried Mushrooms In Grocery Store

Find Dried Mushrooms In Grocery Store

Dried mushrooms are a great ingredient to use especially if you want to make pasta or soup. They are found in a number of grocery stores which means you can buy them. Dried mushrooms are very healthy since they contain a number of nutrients and also they last for a longer period of time as compared to fresh mushrooms. They also have a concentrated flavour as compared to fresh mushrooms thus, they are usually soaked in water before cooking so that they can soften up and release some of that concentrated flavour. Dried mushrooms are a very good source of protein and they also contain vitamin B and vitamin D2. So if you are a foodie who is health conscious and you want to try out dried mushrooms then this article is for you. It aims at providing you with a guideline of the different areas where you can find dried mushrooms in a grocery store.  It will move further to provide a list of grocery stores where you can buy dried mushrooms and it will also note down the various ways in which you can use dried mushrooms.


Which aisle or section to find dried mushroom in grocery store

The first place to check if you are looking for dried mushroom is the produce section. Look in areas where fresh mushroom is displayed or where there is garlic and shallots.

The 2nd place where you can find dried mushroom in grocery store is the canned vegetables and condiments section or aisle. Usually they will be on a separate display or on the shelves.

However, if you do not find dried mushrooms in the above mentioned aisles you can check the pasta and grains aisle this is because some grocery stores place products closer to other ingredients that they are usually cooked with. For example dried mushroom is usually cooked with pasta that is why it is placed in the same aisle.

The last place you can check for dried mushrooms is the bulk aisle that is if you didn’t find them on the above mentioned aisles.

Which grocery stores sell dried mushrooms?

Walmart– you can buy dried mushroom here and it is found in the canned foods and pasta aisle. If there is no Walmart in your area then you can simply use the online store locater to find the nearest shop that has dried mushrooms in stock. Using the online store locater is very convenient since you can just check whilst you are at home.

Amazon– this is one of the largest online stores in the world and you can find dried mushrooms of every type. The advantage of buying on Amazon is that you can buy your products at the comfort of your home and you can also find you dried mushrooms even if other stores have run out. Check out the prices of dried mushrooms on Amazon.

Target– you can also find different varieties of dried mushrooms at Target and they also offer delivery options to their customers so you can order dried mushrooms from the comfort of your home.

Local health food store– dried mushrooms have medicinal benefits so the probability that your local health food store has it in stock is very high, so you can go and buy it from there.

Whole foods– usually sells dried porcini mushrooms and they are found either in the produce area or the bulk area.

Safeway– you can get dried mushrooms here, but they store them in different areas so you can check the bulk aisle and the produce area.

Farmers market– you can check out your local farmers market they usually have dried mushrooms in stock and usually it’s those rare types of dried mushrooms which are tasty.

Trader Joe’s– it has its own brand of dried mushrooms so you can try it out, they also sell other brand so you can choose the one you prefer the most.

Kroger– you can physically go to buy dried mushrooms or you can order online and they deliver to your door step. They usually sell porcini mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and gourmet blends.

Publix– if there is a Publix store in your area then you can find a variety of dried mushrooms there.

Thrive market– you can buy dried mushrooms online and they will deliver them to you.

Asian markets– dried mushrooms are incorporated in many Asian dishes, so if you want to buy them you can visit your nearest Asian store, they usually have different varieties of them in stock.

Hannaford– if it is located in your area, then you can buy dried mushrooms there, they usually have a variety of different dried mushrooms.

Exciting ways of using dried mushrooms

Dried mushrooms can be used to make soup which is very delicious. When you soak dried mushrooms they release a concentrated flavour which makes a delightful ramen, vegan miso or any vegetable soup. You can also cook your dried mushrooms and serve them with pasta or simply turn them in to vegan carnitas.


Dried mushrooms are an exciting ingredient to use especially when it is incorporated in pasta as well as soup. It is usually found in the produce section in many grocery stores, but if you do not find it there you can check the condiments section or the pasta and grains aisle. If you do not find dried mushrooms in any of those areas then you can check the bulk aisle. There are also a number of grocery stores which sell dried mushrooms as noted in the above article and some of the places to buy include Amazon, Walmart, Whole foods market as well as Kroger. Most of these grocery stores have online platforms where you can buy your products and have them delivered to you in the comfort of your home. The various ways in which dried mushrooms can be used has also been noted in the above article.

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