Where To Find Cotija Cheese In Grocery Store

Find Cotija Cheese In Grocery Store

Cotija cheese has its origins in Mexico, but over the years it has gained popularity in the United States of America because of the savoury taste it brings to dishes. It is named after a very famous Michoacán city in Mexico and it is made from cow’s milk and it’s an aging type of cheese, which is hard. Cotija cheese does not melt, therefore it is usually crumbled into dishes especially savoury dishes. It is very salty and has a longer shelf life as compared to other Mexican cheeses like queso fresco. Often Cotija is mistaken for queso fresco cheese because both of them have a similar outer appearance, making it hard for customers to locate cotija cheese in grocery store. However, this article aims at highlighting were cotija cheese is found in grocery stores in the United States of America. It will move further to highlight a list of grocery stores which also sell cotija cheese.


Which aisle or section to check for cotija cheese in grocery store

Cotija cheese is usually found in the cheeses aisle or section of the grocery store, but many people fail to spot it because grocery stores sell a wide range of cheeses so it is very important to have a sharp eye so that you can spot cotija cheese. Suppose there is no cheeses aisle in that grocery store you can look for it under the dairy and eggs section since other grocery stores place cheese in the dairy section because it is a by-product of milk.

What grocery stores sell cotija cheese?

Amazon–   this is one of the most popular online stores in the United States of America and you can get different brands of cotija cheese delivered to you in the comfort of your home. The other advantage of buying on Amazon is that you can get the product way ahead of time even if other stores have run out of cotija cheese. Check out the prices of cotija cheese on Amazon.

Walmart– you can buy Cotija cheese at Walmart and if there is no Walmart grocery store you can use the Walmart online locater to look for grocery stores near your area that have cotija cheese. This means that you can first check online before physically going there, thus offering convenience to customers.

Target– this is also a good place to buy cotija cheese since they usually have different brands of cotija. So if there is a Target store in your area do not hesitate to go. Target also offers delivery to its customers so you can easily order online and they will deliver it to your house.

Jet– it’s a website in the United States of America which you can use to buy your groceries with. It usually has cotija cheese in stock and they deliver to your doorstep, so you can try it.

Kroger– you can find cotija cheese in the cheeses section at this grocery store. They also have an online service so you can choose to buy your cotija cheese at home and they will deliver it to you.

Whole foods market– this grocery store also sells grated cotija cheese, so if you don’t want the hustle of having to grate cheese you can just buy from Whole foods market.

Costco– is a grocery store where you can buy cotija cheese, they also sell different brands of cotija cheese.

Hannaford– this is a good place to find cotija cheese, so if you stay in an area that has Hannaford you can buy cotija cheese there.

Safeway– you can either go physically to the grocery store to buy cotija cheese or you can order it online and they will deliver it to you.

Wegmans– this grocery store offers in store and delivery options to its customers so you can choose an option which is convenient for you.

Publix– you can find cotija cheese in the dairy and eggs section at this grocery store and they also have an online shopping option and they can deliver the cotija cheese to you.

 Exciting ways to use cotija cheese

 Use cotija cheese as a garnish

Cotija cheese can be used as a garnish in soups.  Since cotija cheese does not melt it can be crumbled and put in soups like tortilla soup and black bean soup just to add a savoury flavour.

 Use cotija cheese as a filling

When making burritos or quesadillas you can grate your cheese and place it in side. It will act as a filling and when cotija cheese heats up it becomes soft thus, adding more flavour to the burritos and quesadillas.

 Use cotija cheese to make a dip

This is one of the most exciting and easiest way to use cotija cheese. You just add your grated cheese into a microwave safe bowl and add salsa, then pop it into the microwave, allow it to heat up until it is forms a smooth paste. This dip really goes well with chips, so you can actually try this recipe at home.


When looking for cotija cheese in grocery store the best place is to look at the cheeses section, if you do not find it there you can move on to check the dairy and eggs section.  In the United States of America there are a number of grocery stores that sell cotija cheese like Publix, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kroger as well as Wegmans just to mention a few. The majority of these grocery stores also have an online grocery shopping platform whereby you can buy cotija cheese from the comfort of your home.  The above article also noted the exciting ways of using cotija cheese since it is a crumbling type of cheese which does not melt. It can be used to make a dip, a filling for tortillas or quesadillas and it can also be used as a garnish for soups. It is important to note that cotija cheese is very salty so you need to make sure that when you are adding it to your dishes it compliments well with other flavours.

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