Where To Find Dry Sherry In Grocery Store

Find Dry Sherry In Grocery Store

Dry sherry is a fortified wine which is made from palomino grapes. A fortified wine is a wine that is mixed with a distilled spirit for example brandy. The fortified wine is then left alone to ferment and after complete fermentation it will have a minimal content of residual sugar that is why it is referred to as dry.  In the context of alcoholic beverage dry means the opposite of sweet, so in this case dry sherry has less taste as compared to other types of sherry like the cooking sherry. Dry sherry originated in Spain, but its popularity has spread enormously in the global world and many people use it for cooking or making cocktails. A number of people struggle to find the exact location of dry sherry in grocery stores because they usually look for it at the alcoholic beverages section. It is important to note that although dry sherry contains alcohol it is also used for cooking purposes, thus this article seeks to give you a guide on where you can find dry sherry in grocery store. It will move further to provide you with a list of grocery stores where you can buy dry sherry.


Which aisle to check for dry sherry in grocery store

Dry sherry is found in the condiments aisle or section in a grocery store. It is usually placed near vinegar or other cooking wines. Most people would expect to find it close to alcoholic beverages because of its name but this is not the case. However, if the grocery store is running a promoting of dry sherry you might find a few bottles at the front of the store, this is because they will be advertising for their customers to see.

What grocery stores sell dry sherry?

Amazon– this is one of the largest online stores and you can find different brands of dry sherry there. The advantage of buying on Amazon is that you can do it in the comfort of your home and they will deliver it to you. Check out the prices of dry sherry on Amazon.

Walmart– you can find dry sherry in the condiments section at Walmart. If you do not want to physically visit the store or if there is no Walmart store in your area then you can use the Walmart online store locater to find the nearest grocery store in your area that has dry sherry.

Target– it has a number of dry sherry brands and they are found at the pantry section under the cooking oil and vinegar subsection. You can also order online at Target and they will deliver to your door step.

Vons– this grocery store has a wide range of dry sherry brands, so the probability of finding your favourite brand is very high.

Publix– dry sherry can be found here, so if there is a Publix store in your area you are guaranteed to find it there.

Wegmans– you can find brands like Sheffield dry sherry in store but, Wegmans also offers delivery services to its customers so this means that you can just order it online and they will bring it to you.

Safeway– you can find dry sherry in the condiments section at this grocery store and usually they have different brands of dry sherry so you can choose your preferred brand.

Whole foods market– this grocery store has a great selection of dry sherry and they are usually in the condiments aisle.

Kroger– you can find dry sherry at Kroger it is usually placed next to other cooking wines and vinegar.

We speak wine– this is an online store which sells different types of wines, therefore you can order a bottle or more of dry sherry, and they also provide delivery services.

H.E.B– you can find dry sherry there but they mainly sell Taylor dry sherry although you may find other brands. They also have delivery options so you can order from the comfort of your house.

Ways of using dry sherry

It is important to note that most people use dry sherry the same way they would use sweet sherry although dry sherry is not as sweet. Dry sherry can be used to deglaze cooking pans so as to make a quick sauce to cook soups and also to steam fish.  The other interesting thing about using dry sherry is that you can use it to make a vegan gravy which has a deep umami richness. The gravy gets its savoury taste from the dry sherry so you might want to try it out. The other way you can use dry sherry is by using it to make sherry mushrooms. This is a very popular dish in Spain, dry sherry has always been used to cook mushrooms in Spain, and so you can also try out the recipe. If you are a foodie who is into cocktails then you can use dry sherry to make a cocktail, it really adds flavour to your cocktails.


Although dry sherry has its origins in Spain, it is now a famous wine in the global village which can be incorporated into dishes to give them a savoury taste. It is important to also note that dry sherry and cooking sherry are different although they are both found in the condiments section. Cooking sherry is sweeter as compared to dry sherry, but they can substitute each other sometimes. There are a number of grocery stores that sell dry sherry and these include Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, Target, Vons and Whole foods market just to mention a few. Most of the grocery stores highlighted in this article also offer online grocery shopping services to their customers so this is a bonus since you can just do order your dry sherry at home and request it to be delivered to your house. This article has also highlighted the different ways you can use dry sherry; you can use it to make cocktails, to make sauces or soup and also to make sherry mushrooms which is a well know dish in Spain.

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