Where To Find Apple Cider In Grocery Store

Find Apple Cider In Grocery Store

Apple cider is a type of vinegar that is made from fermented apple juice. It can be used to make salad dressings, vinaigrettes, food chutney, marinades as well as food preservatives. It has a number of medicinal benefits for example it helps with weight loss, reduces cholesterol, lowers blood sugar level, and it also reduce the symptoms of diabetes.  Apple cider is found in a number of stores in the United States of America but many people fail to locate the exact aisle in the grocery store which contains apple cider vinegar. This article therefore aims at identifying some of the aisles you can check for apple cider and it will also note some of the grocery stores that sell apple cider.


Which aisles to check for apple cider in grocery store

If it’s the season for apple cider the first place you can check is in front of the grocery store, just close to the checkout lanes. This is because when a product is in season grocery stores usually love displaying it in front for everyone to see and putting it in front of the grocery store near the checkout lane is the best place since most customers will be able to spot it on their way out.

If it is not the apple cider season you might want to check the condiment aisle close to the salad dressings and ketchup. This is because some grocery stores believe that the sole purpose of apple sider vinegar is to incorporate it in salads as either a salad dressing or a vinaigrette so that is why they place it near other salad dressings.

The next aisle to check if you do not find apple cider in the above stated areas, is near the fruit and vegetable section in the grocery store. This is because some grocery stores put a special section for apple cider near the fruits and vegetables section.

The juice section is also another place you can find apple cider in a grocery store. This is because apple cider can also be refrigerated, so usually it is placed right next to the apple juice.

If your grocery store happens to have a natural foods aisle you might want to check there since apple cider is usually treated as a natural or organic product.

What grocery stores sell apple cider?

Amazon– this is the best place to buy apple cider especially if you are shopping online, it is one of the largest online stores and the benefit of buying apple cider at amazon is you can buy it online even if other stores have stopped selling apple cider. Check the prices of apple cider on Amazon.

Walmart– this is also another great option of where you can buy your apple cider. Walmart has a grocery store but, if there is no Walmart grocery stores in your area you can use the Walmart online store locater on your phone to locate the nearest grocery store in your area that has apple cider.

Target– at Target you can find apple cider vinegar next to the oils in the pantry section.

Whole Foods Market– apple cider can be found in the condiments aisle in this grocery store.

Farmers markets– this is one of the places you can check if you are looking for apple cider, you might find it either as pasteurised or unpasteurised.

Trader Joe’s– you will be able to find branded apple cider vinegar at Trader Joe’s. Every year they sell different brands of apple cider so don’t be shocked when you see a new brand at Trader Joe’s.

Kroger– you will be able to find apple cider at this grocery store but it is usually placed near the cooking oils in the condiments aisle.

Publix– you can find apple cider vinegar here next to the cooking oils.

Wegmans– this grocery store has their own brand of apple cider but sometimes you can find other brands there.

Safeway- to find apple cider vinegar in this grocery store you might want to look in the international aisle but, if you don’t find it there then you can search for it in the condiments aisle.

Your local health food store– apple cider has medicinal benefits so you might want to check your local health food store, they are most likely to have it in stock.

Asian market– this is also a great place to go since apple cider is popular among Asians so they usually sell different varieties of apple cider.

Exciting ways to use apple cider

Use apple cider clean your house

Apple cider vinegar can be used to clean surfaces. Studies show that if you clean your household surfaces using vinegar flies won’t dare to land on them.  You can also use apple cider to polish your silverware, whiten your dishes and your laundry.

Use apple cider to glaze your vegetables

You can add apple cider to your sautéed Brussels sprouts to make them more flavourful. Furthermore you can also glaze your asparagus, squash or any other vegetables with apple cider vinegar just to enhance their flavour.

Use apple cider to make donuts

You can also use apple cider to make donuts that are referred to as vegan apple cider donuts. These vegan apple cider donuts are sweet and light and the taste very good with a cup of tea or coffee depending on what you prefer.


There are a number of aisles you can check for apple cider in a grocery store as stated in the above article. If it is apple cider season you can check in front of the grocery store since it is usually placed there for customers to see. It is also important to note that you can always check on online stores like Amazon and Walmart for apple cider if you do not want to physically visit the grocery store. It is also worth noting that apple cider can be used in exciting ways for example you can use it to clean your house, to glaze vegetables or even to make vegan apple cider donuts.

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