Where To Find Anchovy Paste In Grocery Store

Find Anchovy Paste In Grocery Store

Anchovy paste is an ingredient which many people in Italy, Philippines and Britain are very familiar with, it is a fish paste food product which is made from ground anchovy fillets, water or olive oil, vinegar, and sugar to mellow out the ingredient’s fish flavour. It has a very potent smell and taste therefore you need to add just a small amount so that it does not over power the entire dish.  Anchovy paste is produced using mass production and packed into small tubes like those of tooth paste. It is a very popular ingredient in Italy and the Philippines where is it incorporated into different cuisines to give them a very nice flavour. Anchovy paste is treated as a source of nutrients since it contains omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. It is also lowers cholesterol in the blood.  If you are interested in buying anchovy paste this article clearly states were you can find anchovy paste in the grocery store. It also highlights a list of grocery stores where you can buy the anchovy paste from.


Which aisles or sections to check for anchovy paste

The first place you can check for anchovy paste in a grocery store is the condiments aisle or section, it is usually placed next to tomato sauce on this aisle. However, if anchovy paste is on special it is usually placed in front of the grocery store for everyone to see.

What grocery stores sell anchovy paste?

Walmart– it is one of the best grocery stores to buy anchovy paste and you can also use the Walmart online store locater to find the nearest grocery store in your area that has anchovy paste. This means that you can actually first check for the product before driving to the grocery store.

Amazon– you can find anchovy paste on Amazon especially if you are a person who enjoys shopping online, so instead of physically going to the grocery store you can just order the anchovy paste online. Amazon always has a variety of anchovy paste, so you are guaranteed to get your favourite brand. Furthermore, the other advantage of buying anchovy paste on amazon is you can buy it way ahead of time even if other stores have run out. Check out the anchovy paste prices on Amazon.

Publix– has grocery stores in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia, so if you are located in any of these places you can easily buy anchovy paste at Publix.

Safeway– you might consider searching for anchovy paste in the international aisle or the condiments section. However, they also offer door to door delivery services so you can just order your anchovy paste and they will deliver it to you.

Harps food store– anchovy paste is found at Harps food store and they also offer delivery services for their customers. Usually the delivery takes about an hour, so you don’t have to worry about physically going there.

Target– at Target you can find the anchovy paste next to the tubes of tomato sauce. They also off delivery services to their customers so you can easily order any they will deliver it to your door step.

Whole foods market– you can order anchovy paste online at Whole foods market or you can physically go there if you stay nearby.

Kroger– anchovy paste can be found under the pantry or canned foods section at Kroger especially if you are buying online. They also offer their customers a delivery option.

Wegmans– offers in store and delivery options to its customers so you can easily afford to get your anchovy paste.

H.E.B– has an online grocery store so if you want to buy anchovy paste you search for it under the pantry section of canned and dried foods and it is placed under the sea food section.

Cost Plus World Market– also has an online grocery store where people can purchase their desired brand of anchovy paste.

Italian shops– you might want to check the Italian shops in your area since Italians regularly use anchovy paste to prepare their dishes, so their grocery stores have a higher probability of having anchovy paste on the shelves.

Trader Joe’s– you can also find a variety of branded anchovy paste at Trader Joe’s.

Ways of using anchovy paste

It can be used to add a savoury flavour to dishes and it is usually incorporated into stews, braises, and soups or to perk up tomato sauce or a meat rub. Some people put anchovy paste on toast. In Italy anchovy paste is used in pasta’s and soup whilst in the Philippines it is incorporated in cuisines. In Britain there is a popular savoury dish known as Scotch woodcock, which is prepared using anchovy paste, scrambled eggs as well as toast. Anchovy paste amplifies the flavour of food because it has such a potent smell and flavour.  It is important to note that once the anchovy paste has been opened it can only last for up to several months.


Anchovy paste is now popular in the global village although it has its origins in Italy and the Philippines.  If you would like to buy anchovy paste it is mainly found in the condiment section or aisle of the grocery store, however due to digitalisation you can now afford to buy anchovy paste from the comfort of your home. There are a number of grocery stores were you can buy anchovy paste and some of them include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Safeway. H.E.B and Kroger just to mention a few. It is also worth noting that anchovy paste is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It is also beneficial to use anchovy paste in food since it helps to lower cholesterol in blood. Anchovy paste is mainly used to amplify the flavour of food especially soups and stews, but it is important to put a small amount of anchovy paste since it has a very strong flavour which can overpower the whole dish.

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