Where To Find Balsamic Glaze in Grocery Store

Find Balsamic Glaze in Grocery Store

Balsamic glaze is very popular in the global village however, a number of people confuse balsamic glaze and balsamic vinegar. Balsamic glaze is made from mixing balsamic vinegar with a sweetener like honey, brown sugar or maple syrup and allowing it to cook down until it forms a thick syrup like concoction.  When the balsamic vinegar and the sweetener cook down they form a delicious condiment which can be drizzled over anything. You can make balsamic glaze at home but, if you feel that it’s too much work the can easily buy it from your nearest grocery store.  You might be wondering where exactly to locate balsamic glaze in a grocery store, but no need to worry,  this article aims at identifying were exactly you can find balsamic glaze in a grocery store and it will move further to give you a list of grocery stores where you can purchase balsamic glaze.


Which aisle to check for balsamic glaze in grocery store

Balsamic glaze is usually found in the condiments section or aisle of a grocery store. It is usually located right next to balsamic vinegar, this might be the other reason why people confuse balsamic glaze and balsamic vinegar. However, if there is a promotion some grocery stores tend to place it in front of the grocery store so that all the customers can see it.

However, if you fail to locate balsamic glaze in the above stated areas you can check in the baking aisle, because some grocery stores tend to place it in the baking aisle since other people tend to incorporate it when baking, thus they regard it as a baking ingredient.

What grocery stores sell balsamic glaze

Walmart– if you want to find different brands of balsamic glaze then Walmart is the right grocery store to visit. However, if there is no Walmart grocery store near you then you might have to use the Walmart online store locater, which helps you to locate the nearest store in your area which has balsamic glaze. Furthermore, Walmart also has a door to door delivery option for its customers so you can actually order your balsamic vinegar from the comfort of your home and they will deliver.

Amazon– this is one of the largest online stores in the world and you can buy balsamic glaze there. The best part about buying on amazon is that you can get your product even if other stores have run out. Moreover, buying from Amazon online store is very convenient since you don’t have to drive to the grocery store.

Target– you can get balsamic glaze at Target and it is located in the pantry section under the cooking oil and vinegar aisle. Target has an in store and online option, therefore you can choose the ideal option for you.

Publix– currently Publix is only found in the United States of America in the following areas Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia and it has a wide range of balsamic glaze brands to choose from, so you can visit your nearest Publix grocery store and grab your own bottle.

Kroger– balsamic glaze is located in aisle 6 at the store, which is the baking and cooking section. Kroger also has an online store, so you can look for balsamic glaze on the online store under the baking and cooking section and it will then deliver the product to you.

Whole foods market– you can buy balsamic glaze at this store either in store or online. Balsamic glaze is found in the condiments and dressings section in Whole foods markets.

Wegmans– it has an online grocery store where you can buy balsamic glaze. If you want to buy it online search for it under the oils and vinegar section.

Safeway– balsamic glaze can be found at this grocery store you can also buy it on the Safeway online grocery store.

Trader Joe’s– it has its own brand of balsamic glaze so you can buy there.

Harps food store– you can find different brands of balsamic glaze at this grocery store and it has an online delivery option so you can just buy your products from the comfort of your house they will deliver it to you. Their delivery time is usually 1 hour so it’s actually very convenient since you can order your stuff in one day at also receive it.

H.E.B Supermarket– you can also find balsamic glaze at this grocery store and it also has an online store where you can order your products and they will deliver to your door step.

Ways of using balsamic glaze

Balsamic glaze can be drizzled on top of salads, grilled vegetables and baked potatoes in order to add a sweet flavour on them. Furthermore, balsamic glaze from grocery stores can also be drizzled on top of meat for example grilled or baked chicken just to enhance the flavour of the meat. You can also put balsamic glaze on fruits as well as ice cream.


Balsamic glaze is an easy ingredient to use since it is edible and usually placed on top of foods just to give it a nice flavour. It is usually confused with balsamic vinegar but balsamic glaze is actually made from balsamic vinegar and it is mixed with a sweetener like honey or maple syrup. There are a number of grocery stores in the United States of America that sell balsamic glaze for example Target, Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, Wegmans as well as Whole foods market. It is worth noting that most of these grocery stores also have online shopping platforms meaning you can buy your balsamic glaze at home and the will simply deliver it to you, thus saving you time from driving to the grocery store. The above article also noted the various ways in which balsamic glaze can be used. It can be drizzled on top of salads, meat, grilled vegetables, potatoes as well as ice cream.

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