Substitutes For Goat Cheese

Substitutes For Goat Cheese

Goat cheese has a distinctly tangy and earthy that makes it stand out. It also goes well with many various types of dishes including baked dishes. So versatile is goat cheese that it is even used on pizza, in pasta and salads. While its flavour is unique there are still substitutes for goat cheese. Goat cheese is commonly called chevre from the French word for goat. The cheese is so versatile we have identified 14 different substitutes for goat cheese. So whether its because you want to try something different or can’t find goat cheese where you are, there are enough goat cheese substitutes on our list to help you find the perfect replacement.


Fromage Blanc

Fromage Blanc is a good goat cheese substitute. To its credit, Fromage blanc has white colour as the name suggests and smooth soft texture similar to most goat cheese varieties. It is also a very creamy cheese, on a par with cream cheese. Fromage Blanc is however not an easy cheese variety to find and that somewhat limits its utility as a substitute for goat cheese.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is a great substitute for goat cheese because it is spreadable. Blue cheese is a matured cheese and has a flavour that is much stronger than that of most goat cheese varieties. When using blue cheese as a goat cheese substitute you will have to be wary of the quantities as the flavour may overpower other ingredients in your dishes. Blue cheese is widely available and can be made from goat milk for those who are lactose intolerant this makes it a great substitute for goat cheese.

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is made from either sheep or goat milk and is usually found in varieties that are pale white. Feta cheese has a stronger taste than goat cheese but its versatility makes it a great goat cheese substitute. The cheese of Greek origin does very well baked and cooked and blends with many vegetables and types of meat. The only disadvantage feta cheese has a substitute to goat cheese is that it loses it’s texture easily when frozen.

Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese is made from sheep’s milk in many cases and has the tag of being a healthy goat cheese substitute. Ricotta cheese is a low-fat substitute for goat cheese. In terms of flavour, it possesses the closest match to goat cheese of the goat cheese substitutes. Ricotta cheese is very flexible and can be baked, cooked or consumed fresh.

Queso Anejo

Queso Anejo means “old cheese” in Spanish. This Mexican variety of cheese is as the name suggests a matured cheese and as such it has a crumbly texture. It is a suitable substitute for goat cheese varieties that are matured. In its plus column as a goat cheese substitute, queso Anejo has a wonderful flavour that blends well with salads and cooked dishes.

Cotija Cheese

Cotija cheese is another good substitute for goat cheese that is of Mexican origin. What cotija cheese lacks as a goat cheese substitute because of its crumbly texture it makes up for in its versatility in flavour. Cotija cheese is salty, as salty as parmesan cheese. Like parmesan, cheese cotija does not easily melt when cooked so it doesn’t make the best goat cheese substitute for cooked dishes.

Manchego cheese

Manchego cheese makes a good goat cheese substitute in flavour however the cheese is a speciality cheese. The Spanish cheese is made from the milk of Manchega sheep. Manchego cheese’s flavour contains hints of fruit, nut and aromatic herbs. While it is not a good goat cheese substitute in terms of texture it certainly is a good goat cheese substitute in terms of flavour.


Mascarpone is the soft creamy cheese also referred to as “the cheesecake cheese”. It is a great goat cheese substitute in recipes that need a soft textured cheese. Marscopone, unfortunately, has a very different flavour from goat cheese. Mascarpone is sweeter than goat cheese and is only a good goat cheese substitute from a texture perspective.

Cream cheese

Cream cheese is widely available making it the easiest goat cheese substitute to locate. It is very creamy rich cheese variety that would work well as a substitute in any recipe that calls for goat cheese. Cream cheese, however, has a higher fat content than most cheeses and this works against it as a goat cheese substitute for the health-conscious. The cheese is very versatile in recipes but is most popular in dessert recipes.

Queso Fresco

Queso fresco as you may have surmised is related to an earlier goat cheese substitute Queso Anejo. Queso fresco means fresh cheese and it is a less matured cheese variety. It has a tangy taste that makes it the perfect goat cheese substitute taste-wise. However, queso fresco does not make a good goat cheese substitute because of its texture which is more comparable to aged goat cheeses. It goes very well with dishes with eggs and meat and performs surprisingly well in dessert dishes.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese makes a great goat cheese substitute because of how widely available it is. Cottage cheese doesn’t quite have a texture that matches goat cheese but it is very easy to get it to a point where it does. Cottage cheese can be blended to make it as smooth as goat cheese then chilled in situations that require fresh goat cheese. Cottage cheese has the added advantages of being low fat and high protein for the health-conscious.


Camembert is a rich and creamy cheese with a very smooth texture. Softer varieties can be described as melting in your mouth. Camembert makes a good goat cheese substitute in dishes that involve cooking or melting the cheese. Its mild flavour means it blends very well into all kinds of dishes. Camembert is a widely available cheese variety.


If your reason for looking for a goat cheese substitute is because you’re vegan then tofu is the perfect goat cheese substitute for you. Tofu possesses a crumbly texture similar to goat cheese. It also makes a great replacement for feta and ricotta cheeses. There is a tofu chevre for those who are particularly interested in matching the texture of goat cheese. Tofu is the best substitute for goat cheese for those living the vegan lifestyle.


Paneer is an Indian cheese variety that makes a good goat cheese substitute. Paneer matches the texture of goat cheese so well there is no need to blend or otherwise prepare this goat cheese substitute. Paneer is widely available.


The right goat cheese substitute for you depends on the reason you want to substitute goats cheese and what matters most to you about it. Fromage blanc, Ricotta and Mascarpone are great matches for the texture of goat cheese. On the other hand manchego, cotija and ricotta are the best flavour substitutes for goat cheese.

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