How to Melt Feta Cheese

Melt Feta Cheese

Originally from the Mediterranean Feta cheese is more of a white salty cheese unlike the yellow common cheese. It is a Greek type of cheese with a mild and buttery flavour that is made from sheep or goat milk. Feta cheese is a must have when it comes to salads, cheese dips, pasta and many other dishes. It’s normally put in a box with brine when sold on the market or local grocery store. When it comes to melting feta some of the most effective ways include the microwave method and the double boiler method.


The Microwave Method of Melting Feta Cheese

One effective way to melt feta cheese is in the microwave. Firstly, let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes before putting it in the microwave. You will need a microwave safe bowl or safe container to place the cheese. Crumble the feta cheese into tiny pieces and put it in the microwave bowl. You can also add some corn-starch together with a little bit of milk because feta cheese is soft and delicate. Place the bowl in the microwave and set the temperature to medium to high heat. It is recommended that you melt your cheese at 30 second intervals until you get your desired results.  Do not forget to mix your cheese as you heat it up in the microwave to ensure that it smooths out nicely. When you get your desired results you can serve with your favourite salad, sandwich or a meal of your choice.

The Double Boiler Method of Melting Feta Cheese

Using the double boiler is another effective way to melt feta cheese. With a double boiler, you simply need to crumble your cheese like you would with the microwave method and place it into a bowl. Consider adding some water or milk to ensure that the feta cheese melts well. Place the bowl in a pot of water and turn your heat to medium high. Let the water boil and you can see the cheese starting to melt in the bowl. Make sure to reduce the heat if the cheese starts to form a crust. When your cheese has fully melted you can take the bowl out and serve it with a dish of your choice. If you do not have a double boiler you can still make use of a glass jar and wide pot. Make sure that the glass jar is smaller than the pot. The method will be the same as the double boiler method where you simply place the cheese together with some water or milk into the glass jar. You can then put the glass jar inside the pot with water in it and let the water boil until your cheese has melted.

Where does Feta Cheese Come From

Regarded as one of the world’s oldest cheese, Feta cheese was originally made from goat’s or sheep’s milk in Greece. The making of Feta cheese can be traced back to the 8th century in Greece. The iconic cheese is even mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. This type of cheese is cured in a brine solution that adds a salty flavour to the milk. The making of feta cheese is an ancient practise. Although Feta cheese is considered the national cheese of Greece nowadays, it is made all over the world. In some countries Feta cheese is usually pasteurised but it is still made the traditional way by mountain farmers in Greece. The Feta cheese can last for 4 months when stored in a liquid bath of brine, water, or milk.  In addition, Feta cheese can come in many forms including marinated cubes, goat cheese, crumbled or in a chunk.

What to Pair Feta Cheese with

One thing many people love about feta cheese is that is brings out the perfect combination of taste and versatility to almost any kind of dish. It’s versatility makes it a go to in the kitchen. Feta cheese can be a perfect last minute garnish to bring life to your salads, pizzas as well as flatbreads. You can easily make a delicious deep by adding a bit of lemon juice, some oil to your feta cheese and simply blend. Because feta cheese melts quickly and easily, you can add it to your dinner routine. You can use the cheese as a filling for stuffed peppers or for savoury pastries.  Consider baking it into a tart or crumbling it on some bacon. Since Feta cheese is salty and acidic, it needs some fresh wine to match its acidity. Sauvignon Blanc or dry Riesling is best for pairing with feta cheese. You can pair feta cheese with something light and sweet like peaches, red bell peppers, or watermelon. If you’re using feta cheese on your cheese boards consider pairing it with cornichons, olives or sundried tomatoes.

Substitutes for Feta Cheese

As much as feta cheese is very popular, it is a type of food that people can either really love or really hate. If you are out of feta or you’re one of those people that don’t like it there are other types of cheese you can substitute feta cheese for. However, keep in mind that many of the substitutes do not have the same strong taste although they may have the same texture. One good substitute for feta cheese is Ricotta cheese. Ricotta has a similar texture to feta cheese but it is much sweeter. If you simply want something that looks like feta and not too concerned about how it tastes consider Ricotta cheese. Another great substitute for Feta is Halloumi cheese. Just like Feta, it is originally from Greek and has a similar texture although the taste is mild. Queso Fresco is also a great alternative to Feta cheese. This Mexican cheese has a milder taste than feta cheese. Other types of cheese that you can use in place of feta cheese include goat cheese and Tofu cheese. Goat cheese has similarities to sheep’s cheese or a combination of goat and sheep like feta cheese. Tofu cheese makes a great alternative for people who prefer not to eat dairy.

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