Substitutes For Bell Pepper

Substitutes For Bell Pepper

Bell peppers are some of the most widely used vegetables ingredients in kitchens all over the world and can also be easily substituted with a lot of other ingredients. When you want a substitute for bell peppers in any given recipe, you should first consider other types of peppers that share similar characteristics. In a lot of cases a good green bell pepper alternative can be just as good as a red or yellow bell pepper, for example. In some cases, you may not like the taste of bell peppers as they are, but you can consider improving the taste of some recipes and make a delicious addition even to your sauces so it would be a waste to renounce it them completely. Below are some of the best substitutes for bell peppers.


Poblanos Peppers

One of the best substitutes for bell peppers are poblano peppers which are often regarded as the best substitute for bell peppers. Poblano peppers resemble a large bell pepper in both aspect and taste, but with a few changes. These peppers are rich with an earthy flavour that makes them an ideal substitute for bell peppers but are they are less sweet. Many consider poblanos peppers for these characteristics. Also, problano peppers are a little spicy but most people can handle the spiciness without any issues because it is much less than a jalapeno. Also, poblanos peppers also have thick walls and large cavities just like their bell-shaped cousins, and it makes them perfect for stuffing and therefore can be used in recipes that require bell peppers. These peppers are gaining popularity, which makes it much easier for people to find them in supermarkets, usually next to bell peppers.

Anaheim Peppers

Another substitute to bell peppers are Anaheim peppers. Like Poblano peppers, Anaheim peppers also have thick walls which make them ideal for stuffing as well as roasting because they are crunchy just like bell peppers, and have a fruity flavour. Anaheim peppers are named after the city that made them popular. Often referred to as the California chilli, Anaheim peppers originate from New Mexico. They are versatile and are added in a large range of recipes. You can obtain similar results that you would get when using bell peppers if you use Anaheim peppers instead. These kind of peppers are your best substitutes but keep in mind that they are a little spicier than bell peppers.


Also, on our list of best substitutes for bell peppers are jalapenos. Jalapenos are really spicy, and they can be considered as medium heat chillies. Despite their spiciness, they share many similarities with bell peppers, such as the possibility of stuffing, provided that your jalapenos are large enough. Many people do not like how hot jalapenos are but if you want to tone down the spiciness, simply remove the pith and ribs before adding them into your dishes. Contrary to what many people believe the seeds are not what make the jalapenos spicy, so you can leave them. Jalapenos can be added in any dish that may require the use of bell peppers.

Sichuan Peppers

The fourth substitute for bell peppers are Sichuan peppers. Some people suffer from  indigestion after consuming bell peppers and others may even get nauseous or have a mild stomach ache after eating bell peppers. There are also others that are allergic to most types of peppers and if you belong to one of that group and you can handle the heat, Sichuan peppers can be the your perfect solution. These Chinese peppers have a combination of black pepper and chili pepper, but it is actually neither of those. You can add them in any meal that requires bell peppers. The original name “huājiāo” means flower pepper and the spice looks just like flower seeds. Sichuan peppers have been used in China for decades both in and outside the kitchen. The peppers are known to have been used as a medical remedy for abdominal pain. Also, Sichuan peppers have a citrus-like flavour that provokes a tingling sensation due to their spiciness. The peppers can be a tasty addition to your meal because they give your dish a delicious flavour.


You can consider Pimientos as an alternative to bell peppers. They are large heart-shaped peppers that resemble red bell peppers in their sweet flavour, plus they are more aromatic and not that spicy. Pimiento peppers are not ideal for stuffing, but if you have a recipe that features a chopped bell pepper, the pimiento pepper can be one of your best substitutes. They can be easily found in jars and are much harder to find fresh. The ones sold in jars will not have the same crunchy texture as the fresh ones. However, pimiento peppers can be used in almost any dish that may need bell peppers.


Also on the list of substitutes for bell peppers are Cubanelle peppers. These peppers are a decent substitute for red bell peppers especially, plus they are preferred more than green bell peppers by those who despise the grassy flavour of green bell peppers. Cubanelle peppers are also perfect for your salad or as a topping for your pizza, but they are also excellent when sliced. You can add them to any dish that requires bell peppers. It is important to note that cubanelle peppers do not have  thick walls but they can be easily stuffed with meat and other vegetables. They can be a bit spicy, but are much less spicy compared to poblano peppers. When they are fully ripe, cubanelle peppers have a bright red colour.


Lastly, onions can make a good alternative for bell peppers, especially if you need to fry the peppers. Fried onions become sweeter losing some of their flavour thereby becoming very similar to bell peppers. Also, onions give a crunchy feel that is similar to bell peppers and they always add flavour to every dish. Keep in mind that they are different kinds of onions so it is important to know how to select the right onions for your meals.

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