What Goes With Cornbread?

What Goes With Cornbread

Cornbread is an age-old bread with unknown origins. One thing we know for sure about cornbread is that it is consumed all over the world with many different recipes to give it a wonderful variety. Corn Bread is most popular in Africa and Latin America. There are at least 22 different types of cornbread which can be grouped into sweet and savoury cornbreads. With so many varieties of cornbread, it seems the logical answer to the question “what goes with cornbread” should be many things. We couldn’t possibly list them all but we can suggest some things that go very well with cornbread. Let’s define cornbread first.


What Is Cornbread?

Cornbread is any quick bread containing cornmeal or maizemeal. They are usually leavened by baking powder. Quick bread is a term used to refer to bread varieties that cook quickly and are leavened with agents excluding yeast and eggs. The choice of a leavening agent such as baking powder is what makes the bread quick cooking. Quick bread includes many cakes, brownies and cookies—as well as banana bread, beer bread, biscuits, cornbread, muffins, pancakes, scones, and soda bread. Cornbread contains cornmeal or maize meal which are popular staples in African and Latin America.

Butter And Jam

This unassuming combination of savoury and sweet is a great way to consume cornbread.

From regular mixed fruit jam to marmalade and preserves they blend with sweet varieties of cornbread. Butter can be replaced by a soft rich margarine in this combination. This can be eaten as a snack food. Try this combination with simple cornbread varieties such as Cowboy cornbread and buttery cornbread.


Savoury varieties of cornbread go very well with barbecued meat. With many versions of cornbread being fairly dry the best cuts of meat to pair with cornbread are fatty and tender cuts such as beef brisket, pork bellies and chicken thighs. Chive cheese cornbread, skillet herb bread and Creole cornbread go very well with barbecued meat. Some sweet varieties of cornbread also go very well with barbecued meat such as Cowboy cornbread which goes very well with barbecued pork.

Roast Chicken

Chicken is a super versatile food so it is no surprise that chicken made another list. In particular roast chicken goes very well with cornbread especially for those who want to consume their cornbread as part of a heartier meal. Whether it’s plain roast chicken, lemon and herb chicken, spicy chicken such as cajun chicken or outright hot roast chicken varieties cornbread is well served with a helping of roast chicken.

Fried Chicken

What doesn’t go with fried chicken? Seriously? It’s been paired with ice cream, sweet potatoes and a whole lot more so it can surely go well with cornbread. Cornbread and fried chicken are two foods that are beloved in the American South and its easy to see why. Spicy varieties like peppered cornbread and jalapeno buttermilk cornbread will work very well with fried chicken. Those with more variable palettes may enjoy fried chicken with sweeter cornbread varieties.

Buttered Steamed Vegetables

This mixed vegetable dish can include anything from broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, bush beans, serrano chillies, jalapenos and many more vegetables. It is made by steaming the vegetables over a butter and garlic broth then pouring the reduced version of this broth over the vegetables to give them concentrated flavour. For the vegetarians or those who just have access to seasonal vegetables, this is a winning combination with cornbread.


Honey is another great compliment for cornbread. When it comes to ways to eat sweet cornbread very few recommendations can hold a candle to honey. For those without a sweet tooth lightly drizzling honey over the cornbread is a better option than spreading honey onto the cornbread. Honey isn’t recommended with savoury cornbread but some people may find it’s just the thing for them.


Another superfood joins the list. Cheese goes with just about anything. This is more because of the wide variety that is present in the cheese landscape. You can try anything from cheddar to feta to camembert to cream cheese with cornbread. The choice comes down to the type of cornbread you are eating it with and what sort of cheese you like. An all-star cheese like cheddar will do well with spicy cornbread varieties. Creamy cheeses like ricotta and cottage cheese will do very well with sweeter cornbread varieties.


Pork is perhaps the most versatile meat variety there is so it certainly belongs on a list of what to pair cornbread with. There are so many varieties of pork that cornbread can be paired within a meal or snack. These include but are certainly not limited to bacon, ham, pancetta, prosciutto, gammon, belly, ribs and so many more. This super versatile meat can even be cooked into cornbread.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is worthy of superfood status. It doesn’t always get the praise it deserves because of the frequency and severity of peanut allergies. If you’re not one of the affected this is a great partner for your cornbread. More a snack than a meal just spread peanut butter and go.


We may as well throw in all the super-foods to the list. Eggs are versatile. Fried, scrambled, boiled, poached, with vegetables, with meat, with spices; is there anything eggs cannot be combined with? Highly unlikely.

Chilli Or Stew

For many, cornbread is the kind of hearty food they like to eat in the colder months of the year. What goes better with cold-weather food than a stew or chilli? This option is also friendly to vegetarians who can enjoy a warm hearty meal without compromising. Again this idea seems more apt for savoury cornbread but some may enjoy it with sweet versions.


Sometimes simple is great. Having good old sweet cornbread or honey cornbread and milk could be just the perfect way to enjoy cornbread as a quick snack without hustle or fuss.


There is a wide, perhaps unlimited variety of foods that cornbread goes well with. This is expanded to a wide array when you think about combinations of the foods listed here such as cornbread, roast chicken and a vegetable stew.

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