Where To Find Saffron In Grocery Store

Saffron In Grocery Store

Saffron is one of those spices that adds a strong aroma and flavour to food. If you are searching for where to find saffron in grocery store then simply check out the article below. The article also has a list of grocery stores that sell saffron, so you do not need to go about searching for that information.


Which section or aisle to find saffron in grocery store

The first place where you can find saffron in grocery store is at the spice aisle. This is because saffron is treated as a spice and it adds a pungent and aromatic flavour to food.

However, if you do not find it in the above stated area, the next place where you can find saffron in grocery store is at the international aisle. This is because saffron is an international ingredient with its origins in Asia. Therefore, you will normally find saffron placed next to Asian products.

The bulk section is the last place where you can check for saffron in grocery store. This is because some grocery stores also dell it in bulk.

What grocery stores sell saffron?

Amazon– at Amazon you can find different brands of saffron which you can choose from. The advantage of buying on Amazon is that it is an online store so you can shop from the comfort of your house.

Walmart– at Walmart you can find different brands of saffron. If you want to know which brands they have in store, simply check their website. If you do not know a Walmart store in your area simply use the online store locater to find the nearest grocery store in your area that sells saffron.

Kroger– if there is a Kroger store in your area you can buy saffron there. They usually have brands like McCormick or Spice Island.

Whole foods market– at Whole foods market you can find different brands of saffron which you can choose from.

Target– you can buy saffron at Target, they usually have it in store.

Safeway– if there is a Safeway store in your area then you can find a wide range of brands to choose from. For example they sell Badia, McCormick and Spice Island.

Trader Joe’s– they have their own brand of saffron which you can try out. It is usually placed in the spice aisle.

Local health food store– at health food stores they usually sell saffron so there is a good chance that you will find it in store.

Publix– at Publix stores you are most likely going to find brands like Vigo and Badia when it comes to saffron.

Ethnic markets– if there are any Latin or Indian markets in your area you can go buy saffron there. They usually sell it.

Meijer– at Meijer you can find the McCormick brand of saffron.

How to use saffron

Saffron is very versatile and can be used when making a number of dishes. You can use it to make deserts, dinner or any other dishes that you like. However, it is worth noting that saffron has a pungent flavour and aroma thus you need to use it sparingly. Failure to do so can result in it overpowering all the other flavours in your dish. When using saffron it is advisable to use the saffron threads instead of the ground saffron. This is mainly because the ground saffron does not have a strong flavour and aroma as compared to saffron threads.

How to prepare saffron threads

NB: before you can incorporate the saffron threads into your dish, there are a few things you need to do in order to ensure that the saffron really releases its pungent flavour.

Toast the saffron threads

This is one of the ways that you can use to prepare the saffron threads. In order to toast the saffron threads start by taking a skillet then place it on a stove that is turned on to medium heat. Add the saffron threads, then cook them while stirring them frequently for about 1 or 2 minutes. You will start noticing that the threads release a lot of aroma but, make sure they do not burn. When the seeds are toasted let them cool down for a few minutes before grinding them. The powder can be added directly to the recipe that you are making.

 Soak the saffron threads

Another method for preparing the saffron threads is to soak them. To do this simply start off by crushing the saffron threads using a mortar or pestle. When the saffron threads are grinded place them inside warm water, milk, wine or stock for about 20 to 30 minutes. This helps to extract all the flavour and aroma from the saffron threads. When cooking you can add the saffron and the liquid to your recipe. It will really have a nice aroma and flavour to it.

Crumble the saffron threads

Another method that you can use to prepare saffron threads is to crumble them and add them directly to your recipe. Although this is not highly recommended you can do it especially if the recipe you are making calls for a large amount of liquid.

How to use ground saffron

Saffron that is sold whilst already grounded should be added directly without having to go through any preparation stages. This is mainly due to the fact that it quickly loses its flavour.

How to store saffron

Once saffron has been opened it can last for about 6 months in an air tight container. When placing the saffron in the container make sure there is no moisture inside. Store the container in a cool dark area. This is because saffron is sensitive to light. It will start to lose its flavour once exposed to light and air.


Saffron can be found at different grocery stores in the aisles stated above. It is worth noting that the majority of the stores highlighted in this article advertise their available products on their websites. This means that you can check the availability of a specific brand online before going there.

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