Where To Find Capers In Grocery Store

Find Capers In Grocery Store

Capers are aromatic flower buds that are commonly added to food as a seasoning. They are usually incorporated in Italian cuisines. If you are interested in knowing where to find capers in grocery store then you have come to the right place. A list of grocery stores that sell capers is also highlighted for convenience purposes.


Which section or aisle to find capers in grocery store?

The first place you are most likely to find capers in grocery store is at the condiments aisle. This is because capers are regarded as a condiment by some people and they are usually placed next to other condiments like olives or pickles.

Furthermore, if your store has an international aisle then this is where you can check for capers in grocery store. It will be placed close to Italian products.

When you do not find capers in the above stated area then you can always move on to check the aisle where pasta noodles and sauce are placed. This is because there are some stores which place capers in that aisle.

What grocery stores sell capers?

Amazon– it’s convenient to buy on Amazon since it is an online store so you don’t have to go through the hustle of physically visiting the store. Furthermore you can find a lot of brands for capers on Amazon so you can always choose your preferred brand.

Walmart– you can find different brands of capers at Walmart but if there is no Walmart store in your area simply use their online store locater to find the nearest grocery store that has capers.

Safeway– capers are sold at Safeway and they are found in the section that has olives and pickles.

King Soopers– you can buy capers from King Soopers and they are located in the condiments section of the grocery store. They are usually placed next to the olives and pickles.

Sprouts farmer’s market– they have a wide selection of capers that you can choose from.  You can find capers in the same section as olives and other pickled products at Sprouts farmers market.

Italian markets– if there are any Italian market in your area there is a high probability that they sell capers. This is because capers are very popular in Italy and they are incorporated into many dishes.

Trader Joe’s– you can find their store brand of capers at Trader Joe’s.

Target– they have their own brand of capers known as Market pantry. So you can always give them a try the next time you visit Target.

Publix– if there is a Publix store in your area you will find different brands of capers there.

Whole foods market– capers are found near the olives at Whole foods market.

Kroger– you can find different brands of capers at Kroger so you can always buy from there if you want variety.

Local health food store– capers can be found at your local health food store because they are deemed as healthy.

Meijer– you can find capers at any Meijer store and they are usually placed next to pickles and olives.

H-E-B– capers are sold at H-E-B and they are usually found next to pickles or olives in the store.

Wegmans– if there is a Wegmans store in your area you can always buy cappers there. You can also check their website to see which brands are available.

How to store cappers

The cappers that you buy from the grocery store come in a glass jar thus they are fragile and you should handle them with care. Cappers found in a grocery store can last for a few years at room temperature if they are closed. However, once opened capers should be stored in the refrigerator they can last for up to a year.

How to cook using capers

Capers have a strong flavour thus, it is advised to use them sparingly when cooking so that they do not overpower all the other flavours in your dish. The reason why capers have a strong flavour to them is because capers are sold in jars and they will be submerged in a mixture which contains vinegar and salt. So in order to reduce that sharp flavour it’s wise to start by rinsing the capers with water so that the taste of the capers can really come through. Here are a few ways in which you can use the capers when cooking.

Use capers to make caponata

Caponata is a dish which originated from Italy and it is commonly made using the eggplant. It can be served with pasta and you can actually add the capers to the dish. The briny and citrusy flavours of the capers really goes well with all the other flavours found in the caponata. So you can always try this recipe.

Use capers to make a dip

You can use capers to make a dip known as tapenade. This dip consists of capers, olives and anchovies.  This dip can be served as an appetiser to your guests. If you like you can always use the tapenade as a spread on your bread. It really tastes good and you will not regret it.

Use capers to make vegan aioli

To enhance the flavour of your aioli you can always add capers. They really give the aioli a nice pleasant taste.  The aioli sauce can actually be used as a dip for different kinds of foods like potatoes, crab cakes or even olives.


Finding capers is now easy for you especially if you follow this guide. In most cases you will find capers in the condiments section so this is actually the first place you should check for it. The grocery stores highlighted in this article usually have capers in store and the majority of them have online shopping platforms. So you can always check the prices there and buy from there instead of having to physically visit the store. Always remember to check if the delivery option is available in your area because some grocery stores do not offer this particular service.

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