Where To Find Cannoli Shells In Grocery Store

Find Cannoli Shells In Grocery Store

Cannoli is a very famous Italian desert that has gained prominence in the International community. The shells used to make the cannoli are referred to as cannoli shells are they are actually sold whilst pre-cooked in many grocery stores. If you are interested in knowing where to find cannoli shells in grocery store simply take a look at the article below.


Which aisle or section to find cannoli shells.

The first place where you can find cannoli shells in grocery store is at the baking or bakery section. This is because cannoli shells are commonly used when making a desert and they are baked.

If you do not find cannoli shells in the above stated area the next place where you can find cannoli shells in grocery store is the international aisle where Italian products are located. This is because a cannoli shell is used to make an Italian desert known as cannoli.

What grocery stores sell cannoli shells?

Amazon– this is one of the largest online stores and you can actually find different brands of cannoli shells on Amazon. The advantage of shopping on Amazon is that they offer delivery services since it’s an online store.

Walmart– you can buy cannoli shells at Walmart. You can always check the international aisle. If Walmart is not available in your area simply use the online store locater to find the nearest grocery store in your area that sells cannoli shells.

Meijer– if there is a Meijer store in your area simply check the international aisle for the Allessi Cannoli shells. If you are interested in knowing if they have other brands simply check their website.

H-E-B– you can buy cannoli shells at H-E-B.

Whole foods market– Cannoli shells are sold at whole foods market and the brand that you are most likely to come across is the Allessi Cannoli shells.

Costco– you can buy cannoli shells as Costco they actually have their own brand of cannoli. They refer to it as the cannoli kit, it has the pre-made cannoli shells as well as the filling so you can always use the 2.  The packaging has all the instructions which can help you.

Safeway– if there is a Safeway store in your area then you can buy Cannoli shells there or simply buy them on their website.

Wegmans– cannoli shells can be found at Wegmans start by checking the bakery section. If you do not see them simply ask any of the customer representatives to assist you.

Albertsons– you can buy cannoli shells at Albertsons you can also check their website to see what brands are available.

Local bakery– you can always check your local bakery to see if they sell any cannoli shells. If there is a bakery which specialises in Italian pastries then you have a high chance of finding cannoli shells there.

Italian shops– since cannoli shells originated in Italy there is a high chance that you will find them in Italian shops. So if there is an Italian shop in your area you can always pay it a visit to see which brands of cannoli shells they have.

How to use store bought cannoli shells

It is important to know that store bought cannoli shells are already cooked so if you want to use them straight out of the box it is still okay. Just add the cannoli filling which is traditionally made using ricotta cheese and whipped cream as two of the key ingredients. The cannoli filling should be added when you are about to serve the ricotta so that the shell remains crispy. This is because the filling is a wet filling so it tends to soak the crispy shell so if you fill the cannoli shell way ahead of time you will eat a soggy cannoli shell.

How to keep store-bought cannoli shells

If you got your cannoli shells from the grocery store then the best way of storing them is by placing them in an air tight container once opened. They can last for about a month. You can also store them in the refrigerator if you like but it’s not really necessary to do that unless if you stay in a region where the temperatures are too high.

How to freeze cannoli’s

Just in case you made a lot of filling and you have leftover cannoli you can always store them. The best way to do this is to freeze the filling separately and store the cannoli shells separately. This is because if you freeze the whole cannoli it will turn soggy you will not enjoy it the next time you eat it. Here are a few steps you need to take when freezing cannoli.

Step 1

When freezing the cannoli feeling the first thing is to stabilise the filling using gelatin. The filling is made using whipped cream and ricotta of which whipped cream loses some of its volume when it is frozen hence by using a stabilizer like gelatine it will help to retain the volume of the whipped cream. So when making the filling you want to store in the refrigerator simply incorporate the gelatin.

Step 2

When the filling is ready simply transfer it into an airtight container. Using a freezer bag is not advisable as this could result in a huge mess.  The filling can last for about a month in the freezer but it is important to know that it will start losing some of its texture when you store it for longer than 1 month. To store the cannoli shells simply place them inside an air tight container and place in the freezer.

How to eat frozen cannoli

The best way of eating cannoli filling that has been stored in the freezer is to thaw it overnight in the refrigerator. Avoid using the microwave to thaw the filling as it causes the texture to change and if you thaw cannoli filling at room temperature bacteria will start building up on the cannoli. When you have thawed the filling pipe it into the cannoli shells and enjoy.

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