What Does Zaatar Taste Like?

Zaatar Taste

Zaatar, a very popular spice in the global world which is incorporated by many people in their dishes, has caught the attention of some people who do not know it. This has drove them to ask questions about what it is, what it tastes like and also how it can be used. This article provides answers to the majority of their questions. It will start by highlighting what zaatar is, what it tastes like, its health benefits and lastly how it can be used. So if you are part of those people who do not know zaatar then this article is definitely for you.


What is zaatar?

Zaatar is a spice mixture that is made from toasted sesame seeds, dried sumac, salt and other herbs like thyme, marjoram and oregano. It has its origins in the Middle East and it has a very distinct herbal fragrance which is adds to dishes.

How zaatar tastes like

The taste of zaatar is usually tangy, herbal, nutty or toasty and this is because it is made using a number of ingredients. Zaatar tastes a bit tangy because of sumac, an ingredient found in zaatar which is a tangy spice with a sour and acid flavour. The herbal taste found in zaatar is as a result of all the herbs that are incorporated when making zaatar and these include oregano and thyme and the nutty or toasty zaatar taste comes from the sesame seeds.

Health benefits of zaatar

Zaatar clears the respiratory tract

Zaatar contains thyme as one of its ingredients and thyme is well known for clearing out the respiratory tract. Thyme contains certain expectorant properties especially when it is brewed, and this causes you to cough out mucus, so if you feel that you have a cold you can take zaatar in your food it will also boost your immune system.

Zaatar helps with blood circulation

Zaatar contains iron which is very important in the formation of haemoglobin which is important in transporting red blood cells all over the body and other organs. Zaatar helps to promote oxygenated blood circulation because it contains a lot of iron.

Zaatar boosts cognitive development

Incorporating zaatar in your food helps to boost your memory. Zaatar is well known for boosting the circulation of blood in the body which then stimulates neural activity. It also contains rich minerals that boost the brain power.

Zaatar soothes inflammation

The most interesting health benefit of zaatar is that it soothes inflammation. So if you have any bug bites or aching joints on your body you can just mix your zaatar to make it a paste then put that zaatar paste on the inflamed areas of your body, you will notice a significant change. Furthermore, when zaatar is consumed it also has ant-inflammatory effects on the body especially if one is suffering from arthritis, gout or other inflammatory conditions in the respiratory system or stomach.

Zaatar strengthens bones

Zaatar contains a wide range of nutrients which help to strengthen the bones. Some of the nutrients present in zaatar include iron, calcium, copper and magnesium which mainly come from the sesame seeds, an ingredient found in zaatar. It is worth noting that all the stated minerals are highly essential for strengthening the bones, thus adding zaatar to your food could actually help you with your health.

Zaatar improves skin health

If you have wounds you can use zaatar, it helps to speed up the healing process of wounds. Furthermore, zaatar also lowers blemishes and age spots on people’s faces. Therefore if you have been struggling to find natural remedies for your skin you can try using zaatar.

Zaatar boosts the immune system

Zaatar is made up of different ingredients which all contain different nutrients, therefore if you eat zaatar it will boost your immune system.

Zaatar helps to treat chronic diseases

One of the core ingredients is sumac and it contains quercetin which neutralises free radicals and prevents the proliferation of cancer. So if you eat zaatar the chances of you getting cancer are minimal since sumac eliminates free radicals which cause chronic diseases like cancer.

What zaatar can be used for

Use zaatar as a seasoning

The most common way of using zaatar is by making it a seasoning for your meat, sea food and vegetables. So if you want to season meat or sea food the first thing you should do is sprinkle zaatar on you meat before cooking it. This will ensure that the zaatar really gets infused in the meat during the cooking process.  The nice thing about zaatar is that it adds a beautiful taste and pleasant aroma to food, therefore you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Use zaatar to make dips

If you are planning to make a dip for your chips you might consider adding zaatar as one of your ingredients. This is because zaatar will add a beautiful aroma as well as a good taste which will make the dip irresistible.

Use zaatar to make salad dressing

The other option you have of using zaatar is to incorporate it when making your salad dressing. Mix lemon juice olive oil and zaatar and you will have a nice salad dressing to put dress your greens with.


Zaatar is a very famous seasoning blend which gives dishes a citrus like tang with a hint of nuttiness. It also gives food a very distinct aroma which makes the food irresistible. It is made from a number of ingredients which include sumac, marjoram, oregano, thyme, salt and sesame seeds. Zaatar has a mixed flavour which is tangy, herbal like and nutty and this is because it is made using different ingredients. It has a number of medicinal benefits for example it helps with cognitive development, it reduces inflammation, strengthens bones, boosts the immune system and also it helps to clear the respiratory tract. This article has also highlighted that zaatar can be used in a number of ways for example it can be used to make dips, salad dressing and it can also be used as a seasoning for meats and vegetables.

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