Tips For Making Food Taste Better

Food Taste Better

Food is an art but there are things that you can always do to make your food stand out. Below is a list of tips for making food taste better. Use them wisely and you will never regret trying them out.


Cut ingredients uniformly

If you want your food to taste better then you need to learn how to cut your ingredients uniformly. This will help them to cook at the same time and you won’t have a challenge of eating smaller ingredients that are overcooked while the larger pieces are under done.

Add ingredients when oil is hot

The other tip for making food taste better is to add your ingredients into the pan when the oil starts to shimmer. This will help your food to even taste better and the flavours will really come through. If you place the ingredients while the oil is not yet hot the temperature will drop and the ingredients will soak in the oil, you won’t really enjoy the taste of your food. However, avoid adding ingredients to oil that is too hot as this will cause your ingredients to burn.

Use blended salts

The first tip for making food taste better is to use blended salts. These will add a lot of flavour to your meal. If you are making vegetables you can season them with blended salts just to make them taste better. Salt blends can be made by mixing salt with herbs such as coriander or rosemary.

Add salt at the end when cooking mushroom or zucchini

Mushrooms and zucchini naturally contain a lot of water and if you add salt at the beginning it will help to drain most of that excess water but the mushrooms or zucchini will turn soggy. So in order to avoid such scenarios simply start by cooking these 2 without salt and when they have started shedding some of the water you can season them with your salt and continue cooking them.

Season food as you cook

A number of people have a tendency of seasoning their dishes after they are done but this shouldn’t be the case. You should give the salt enough time to come together with all the other ingredients. Seasoning your food as you go helps to build up layers of flavour in your food thus making it taste better.

Add herbs into your food at the right time

To make your food taste better add the herbs at the right time. Herbs like basil, parsley and chives should be added when the dish is almost done. This is because these herbs tend to lose their flavours when cooked for a very long time. However, herbs that have are very aromatic like thyme, oregano and rosemary should be added earlier on in the cooking process. This will enable them to release their flavours and also it helps to make sure that their texture is less intrusive.

Don’t remove seeds from tomatoes

A lot of people remove the seeds from tomatoes when they want to use them for cooking but if you want to make your food taste better avoid doing that. This is because the seeds are the ones that contain most of the flavour so by removing them you are actually depriving your dish from getting all that juicy flavour.

Remove food from heat once done

This is also another useful tip for making your food taste better. When your food is done remove it from the stove or oven this is because even if you switch off these appliances there will still be some residual heat which can take your dish from perfectly cooked to slightly overcooked. So always make it a habit of completely removing the food in order to avoid disappointment.

Brine chicken breast before cooking

This is another tip for making food taste better.  When making chicken breast you can brine it or simply soak it in salted water. This will help it to soften up and also it adds flavour to the chicken. Therefore when you eat your chicken it will be nice and juicy.

Let meat rest before cutting it

If you want to make you food taste better it is important to let meat rest before cutting it. This is because if you cut your meat when it’s fresh out of the pot the juices will spill onto the cutting board. In return you will have meat that is dry and tough which is not even exciting to eat. Your meat should rest for about 5 to 10 minutes before you can cut it.

Always make a sauce

Making a sauce is another tip for making your food taste better. Sauces go well with almost anything whether you are making vegetables or meat. You can make any sauce you like and serve it with your food.

Always deglaze your pot

When you cook meat or vegetables there is what is known as fond that sticks to the bottom. If you want to remove that you have to deglaze your pot using a liquid. Doing that adds flavour to your food since you can actually use the fond to make a sauce.

Brown pastries, bread and pies before taking them out of the oven

When baking the above stated items the tip that you can use is to brown them in the oven. You should only remove your pastries from the oven when you notice that they have a nice golden brown colour to them.

Add butter to your sauce

Although most people are afraid of using butter because it is rich in fats using it in small quantities will not really hurt you. To make your sauce better you can add a few pats of butter at the end this will help to give your sauce a nice unique flavour.

Rinse rice before cooking

When cooking rice the trick is to rinse your rice in a bowl or in a strainer over running water. This will help to wash away all the excess starch and when you cook your rice it will not be clumpy.

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