How To Reheat White Castle Burgers

Reheat White Castle Burgers

White Castle, one of the first fast food chains, has the option for you to buy frozen burgers which you can simply reheat at home. The article below highlights some of the easiest methods that you can use to reheat White Castle burgers so that they retain their flavour and texture.


What are white castle burgers?

White castle burgers are small burgers that are made using ground beef and they are produced by the fast food chain known as White Castle. This fast food chain has been in existence since 1921. White castle burgers are high in calories especially if you consume more than 1 burger in a day.

Reheat White Castle burgers in the oven

NB: this is the most recommended way of reheating White Castle burgers although it takes more time as compared to other methods.

Step 1

When using the oven to reheat White Castle burgers you need to start by preheating the oven to 350F.

Step 2

Take a broiler pan then add a little bit of water to the bottom part of the broiler pan. Take the top part of the broiling pan and insert it on top. Make sure that the water that you place in the bottom pan will not come in contact with the White Castle burgers.

Step 3

Take the White Castle burgers and unwrap their packaging. Place them on top of the broiler pan. Cover the broiler pan with aluminium foil. This will help to trap moisture inside so that the White Castle burgers can reheat evenly. Furthermore, wrapping the White Castle burgers with aluminium foil helps to ensure that the burgers are not exposed to direct heat in the oven which can cause the outer part of the burgers to become hard.

Step 4

Place the White Castle burgers in the oven and let them reheat for 10 to 15 minutes. If your White Castle burgers are frozen you will need to reheat them for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 5

Once the White Castle burgers are completely reheated, remove them from the oven and let them sit for 2 minutes before removing the aluminium foil.

Reheat White Castle burgers on the stove

NB: this is also another recommended method for reheating White Castle burgers and it requires you to steam the burgers.

Step 1

In order to reheat White Castle burgers on a stove you will need to start by finding a steamer insert. The reason why most methods require you to steam the white castle burgers is because originally, White Castle steams their patties.

Step 2

Take a medium saucepan and place a little bit of water inside. Ensure that the water does not come into contact with the steamer insert or else it will cause the buns to become wet. Cover the saucepan and bring the water to a boil.

Step 3

When the water starts to boil, place foil paper on top of the steamer insert. This helps to ensure that the White Castle burgers do not come in direct contact with the water.

Step 4

Line the White Castle burgers on top of the foil paper and cover with a lid. Reduce, the heat of the stove to low and let the White Castle burgers reheat for 8 to 10 minutes and 10 to 12 minutes if frozen.

Step 5

When the White Castle burgers have completely reheated, remove them from the stove.

Reheat White Castle burgers in the microwave

NB: this is the easiest and fastest method for reheating White Castle burgers. However, it tends to sacrifice the texture of the White Castle burger, so only use this method if you are in a hurry.

Step 1

When using the microwave to reheat White Castle burgers, the first step is to take the White Castle burgers out of their original packaging.

Step 2

Place the White Castle burgers on a microwave safe plate and microwave them for 35 seconds if thawed and 60 seconds if they are frozen.

Step 3

When the White Castle burgers are ready, remove them from the microwave and serve immediately.

Interesting facts about White Castle burgers

  • White Castle burgers have five holes on their patties. These holes help the patties to cook faster and the idea of putting holes in the patties was first theorised by a man known as Earl Howell in 1954.
  • White Castle burgers are steamed and not grilled. In order to do this they stack a pile of onions on a grill them place the patties on top of the grill. The steam from the onions travels through the patty holes and cooks them. That is why the White Castle burgers have a distinct taste and you can always taste the onion.
  • When cooking White Castle burgers there is no need to flip them. This is because the method of steaming the burgers eliminates the rational for flipping the patties.
  • White Castle burgers also carter for vegetarians. They have a meat free veggie slider which they introduced in 2014. So if you are a vegetarian you can also enjoy fast foods from white castle.

Nutrition of White Castle burgers

High in fat

White Castle burgers are high in fat and they contain 7g of fat per each burger. Of the 7g of fat, 5g comes from trans fats while 3g comes from saturated fats. These fats can affect one’s cholesterol levels. Therefore, when eating White Castle burgers you need to be extra cautious of how many burgers you take.

Low in protein

White Castle burgers are very small and because of that they do not have a lot of protein. They contain 6g of protein which is about the same amount of protein you get from eating 1 egg.

Low in carbohydrates

White Castle burgers are also low in carbohydrates and they contain about 11g of carbohydrates per each burger. The recommended daily intake of carbohydrates is 130g.


White Castle has one of the most delicious burgers which are ideal for reheating. So carefully follow the step by step instructions in order to attain the best results.

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