How To Reheat McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

Reheat McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

If you are a fan of fast foods then you are definitely familiar with McDonald’s chicken nuggets. They are so addictive and at times you can buy more than you can consume such that you find yourself with leftovers. The good thing about McDonald’s chicken nuggets is that they can be refrigerated and later reheated so if you are addicted to them then you can try these 5 methods below of how to reheat McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Carefully follow the instructions for the best results.


What are McDonald’s chicken nuggets made of?

McDonald’s chicken nuggets are also known as chicken Mcnuggets and they are made from chicken meat cut from either the breast or tenderloin. The meat is then mixed with marinades so that it can have a nice flavour and texture to it.  When the meat has absorbed all the flavours it is then divided to form chicken nuggets which and then coated with tempura butter and fried for some time until they are nice and crispy. The chicken nuggets have a lot of flavour to them and they taste delicious when served hot.

Ways of reheating McDonald’s chicken nuggets

Reheat McDonald’s chicken nuggets using an oven

NB: this is the best and most recommended way of reheating McDonald’s chicken nuggets since it leaves them with a crispy outside but juicy and tender inside.

When using the oven to reheat McDonalds chicken nuggets the first thing is to preheat the oven to 350 degrees. The next thing is to line the McDonald’s chicken nuggets in a baking tray. Make sure that they are not clustered in the baking tray. Place the tray in the oven and let the chicken nuggets reheat for about 10 minutes. The oven regulates a steady amount of heat so you are guaranteed of evenly reheated McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Furthermore, using the oven helps to retain the texture and flavour of the McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

Reheat McDonald’s chicken nuggets in a toaster oven

NB: a toaster oven is an alternative kitchen accessory for an oven therefore if you do not have an oven use a toaster oven. However, because a toaster oven is smaller the chicken nuggets will be closer to the element thus they will reheat faster as compared to when using an oven.

For this method the first step is to preheat the toaster oven to 350 degrees. Place the McDonald’s chicken nuggets on a wire rack that is set on a baking sheet. The trick for ensuring that the chicken nuggets do not turn soggy is to keep them elevated on the wire rack this will help the excess oils to drip down without having to be absorbed by the bottom part of the chicken nuggets. Reheat the chicken nuggets for 2 minutes on each side for the best results. Serve them whilst hot and enjoy.

Reheat McDonald’s chicken nuggets using a microwave

NB: this is an acceptable method that you can use to reheat McDonald’s chicken nuggets but, it tends to dry out the chicken nuggets and makes them chewy.

The first thing to do when using a microwave to reheat chicken nuggets is to place the chicken nuggets in a microwave safe dish or plate, make sure that the chicken nuggets are not clustered together. Place the McDonald’s chicken nuggets in the microwave and let them reheat for about 30 seconds. The McDonald’s chicken nuggets should be reheated at high heat so that you can kill any unwanted bacteria that could have invaded your chicken nuggets. It is important to know that if you reheat your chicken nuggets using a microwave they will not be as crispy as when you bought them, but they will still be eatable.

Reheat McDonald’s chicken nuggets using a stove

NB: when reheating MacDonald’s chicken nuggets using a stove you will be basically refrying the chicken nuggets.

For this method you need to find a non-stick pan and place it on a stove that is switched on to medium heat. Add oil to the pan but make sure you do not put too much oil because your chicken nuggets will turn out oily. Just put enough oil to help you reheat the chicken nuggets because if you put a few drops of oil the chicken nuggets will burn. When the oil has heated up place the chicken nuggets inside the pan but make sure they are not clustered in the pan. Let them reheat for 1 to 2 minutes on each side until they are nice and crispy. When you follow the instructions you are guaranteed of chicken nuggets that are crispy on the outside but soft and moist in the inside.

Reheat McDonald’s chicken nuggets using an air fryer

NB: this method will help to retain the crispiness of the chicken nuggets.

When using the air fryer to reheat McDonald’s chicken nuggets start by coating the chicken nuggets with cooking spray so that they can reheat properly. Place the leftover McDonald’s chicken nuggets in the air fryer basket and close it. Air fry the chicken nuggets at 180 degrees or 350F for about 8 minutes. When you are halfway through the estimated time shake the chicken nuggets so that they can reheat evenly. When the 8 minute time mark has passed remove the McDonald’s chicken nuggets from the air fryer and check if they are completely reheated, if they are not just add an extra minute or 2. Serve the chicken nuggets while hot and enjoy.


Generally it is not advisable to eat cold McDonald’s chicken nuggets. This is because they might be infected with unwanted bacteria. Always reheat leftover chicken nuggets to reduce the chances of getting sick. The methods highlighted above will help you to achieve the perfectly reheated McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Follow the easy steps and you will not regret keeping your left over chicken nuggets.  Remember to always store your chicken nuggets in the refrigerator if you plan on reheating them again, this ensures that they stay fresh and free from bacteria.

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