Reheat Fondue

How To Reheat Fondue

Cheese fanatics will tell you that the best way to have cheese is by making a fondue. This is because you will really enjoy the smooth texture of the cheese and you get to eat it while warm. Often people make fondue and consume it all at once because they fear that it can never be reheated, but the cool thing is that you can actually reheated. Below are 3 methods that you can use to reheat fondue such that it retains its original texture and flavour. Carefully follow the instructions to achieve the best results.

What is fondue?

Traditionally fondue is a melted cheese dish that originated in Switzerland. It is made up of melted cheese that is mixed with wine or brandy. It is commonly eaten by dipping large chunks of bread in it and it is served communally in a large ceramic pot. However, because times are changing there are now many variations of fondue including chocolate fondue. The good thing about these 2 types of fondue is that they can both be reheated the same way such that they retain their original taste and texture.

NB: leftover fondue should always be placed in the refrigerator so that it won’t turn bad. Furthermore, refrigerating fondue helps to reduce the chances of food poisoning.

Reheat fondue using a double boiler

NB: this is the most recommended way of reheating fondue but in order to use this method you have to use a double boiler. This is because fondue is very delicate and reheating it on direct heat can cause it to separate.  If you don’t have a double boiler you can always improvise by making your own.

Step 1

Start by finding a double boiler. This will help to maintain the creamy texture and flavour of the fondue. A double boiler is simply made up of 2 pots. The first one is bigger and similar to a sauce pan whilst the second one is a shallow sauce pan with the potential of sitting inside the big pan. If you do not have a double boiler simply take a stainless steel bowl or glass bowl and place it on top of a saucepan.

Step 2

Add a small amount of water to the big sauce pan and place it on a stove that is turned on to medium heat. When the water starts simmering take the small sauce pan or your glass bowl and place it on top. Add the fondue and start stirring it, you can also add a few drops of wine of you are reheating cheese fondue, to help the fondue melt down. The heat from the water will be helping to melt the fondue also.

Step 3

As you reheat the fondue don’t forget to check the pot that has water in it. If the water is evaporating too fast then you may need to add more water so that the fondue can reheat properly.  Make sure that the fondue does not boil because it can start to separate. When the fondue is reheated serve it while hot for the best taste.

Reheat fondue using a stove

NB: this method works well if you are reheating cheese fondue and in order to do this you simply need a pot and water.

Step 1

Start by filling your pot with water and place it on a stove that is on medium heat. When the water starts simmering add the wrapped fondue inside and leave it for about 5 minutes or until it melts.

Step 2

Remove the wrapped fondue from the water and open it. Pour it inside a pan that is on a stove with medium or low heat and stir the fondue until it achieves a smooth consistency. Do not keep it on the stove for a very long time as the fondue will start sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Step 3

Remove the fondue from the pot and serve while hot for the best results.

Reheat fondue using a microwave

NB: this is the fastest method of reheating fondue but sometimes the fondue tends to separate when reheated the wrong way.

Step 1

Start by taking your fondue and placing it in a microwave safe dish or bowl. Cover the bowl with a wet paper cloth or wet paper towel. This will help to retain the smoothness and creamy texture of the fondue since the microwave radiates a lot of heat.

Step 2

Place the fondue inside the microwave and let it reheat for about 15 seconds. Remove it from the microwave after 15 seconds then give it a stir. Place it back inside for another 15 seconds. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the temperature of the fondue.

Tips for making fondue

The first trick to use when making fondue is to make sure that you use corn starch. It will act as an emulsifier and prevent the cheese from separating during the melting process. Furthermore you should take note of the fact that traditional recipes for making fondue require the use of brandy known as Kirschwasser which is made using cherries. However, if you do not have that type of brandy at your disposal you can always opt for other types of brandy or cognac but don’t use cherry liqueur as it appears to be too sweet. Another tip to take note of is that you can make fondue in a slow cooker even though traditionally it was made in a ceramic pot on the stove.

Serving suggestion for fondue

Once you have reheated your leftover cheese fondue you can serve it with a number of things rather than just using bread. You can serve it with sliced apples, blanched vegetables, sliced salami, potato or tortilla chips, turkey, ham, pickles, meatballs, mushrooms and cooked shrimp. You can even experiment to see what works well with the fondue. It is important to note that fondue does not cook the food but it only acts as a dip so make sure the foods that you use are already cooked especially meat.

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