How To Open Corned Beef Can Without Key

Open Corned Beef Can Without Key

While most cans of corned beef are sold with the key intact, some keys have a tendency of breaking or falling off without us even noticing. If you have ever found yourself in this situation, without a glimpse of how you can open the can without the key, checkout the article below in order to learn a few hacks you can use in future, just in case history repeats itself.


How To Open Corned Beef Can Without Key

Can Opener

NB: this is actually one of the easiest and safest kitchen utensils that you can use to open a can of corned beef.

If you have a can opener that you use to open other kinds of tinned foods, you can always use it to open it a can of corned beef when you do not have the key. All you have to do is to make sure that the can is standing in an upright position. Place the can opener on top and try to open the corned beef.


NB: you can hurt yourself if you do not hold the knife properly, so make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.

When you do not have a can open at your disposal, you may have to resort to using a knife to open a can of corned beef. All you have to do is to take the knife and place it in a vertical position with the blades of the knife pressed against the lid of the can. Press the knife until you puncture the lid with a small hole. You can use one of your hands or a wooden spoon to smack the back of the knife so that it can gain enough pressure to puncture the lid. Once the lid has a whole in it, continue making multiple holes at the edge of the lid which you can then peel back and open your corned beef.

Disadvantages Of Using A Knife

While the knife is a good tool to use when opening a can of corned beef there are a few disadvantages associated with this method. For starters, there is a risk that metal shavings might fly off from the lid into your can of corned beef. Furthermore, there is a risk that your knife will eventually become dull.

Kitchen Scissors

NB: this method is also a bit dangerous especially if you do not hold the scissors correctly.

When using a scissors to open a can of corned beef when you do not have a key, simply try to make an incision on the side of the can where the key was supposed to be located. Once you have done that, try to use force to open the can making sure to pull the metal backwards just like what you would do when opening the can of corned beef.

Disadvantages Of Using Kitchen Scissors

The kitchen scissors can be used to open a can of corned beef when the key is nowhere to be found but the disadvantage is that improper handling of the scissors can do more harm to you than to the can. Furthermore, there is a good chance that your kitchen scissors will become dull.

Abrasive Surface

NB: this method can be very messy so only use it if you do not have any other option.

When opening a corned beef can without key you can always find a flat abrasive surface like a concrete slab or the broad side of a rock. Place the can on the surface such that the lid will be facing the concrete. Rub the lid of the can onto the surface using a lot of strength for about 10 to 20 seconds. If the can starts leaking that means it is about to open and you need to stop rubbing it. Lift the can of corned beef from the ground and hold it upright, squeeze the outside of the can until the lid pops off.

Disadvantages Of Using Abrasive Surface

While abrasive surfaces can open corned beef corns when the key is unavailable, this method tends to be a bit messy. This is because there is a risk that the corned beef will explode. Furthermore, there is a risk that germs can get into the can considering the can will be being rubbed on a surface.


NB: this is another easy method if you have the pliers at your disposal.

When using a pliers to open a corned beef can when you do not have the key, simply clamp down the outer edge of your corned beef lid. Pinch and twist it until the metal breaks or warps. When you get a small opening on the lid worry it back and forth until it’s big enough for the tip of the pliers to clamp it down on the edges. Use the pliers to peel back the lid of the can.

Disadvantages Of Using Pliers

This is a time consuming method that requires the use of too much energy. So if you are someone who doesn’t like complicated things then this method is definitely not for you.

Tips For Opening Corned Beef Can Without Key

  • Always make sure that you open the can whilst it’s upright and steady. This is because if it is on an unbalanced surface chances are that it will fall over and the corned beef will spill everywhere.
  • Always open your can of corned beef within a few minutes or else it will get contaminated if you prolong the process.
  • When using sharp objects to open corned beef, always make sure that your mind is not distracted or else you could end up hurting yourself.

Final Words

There are various methods that can be used open a corned beef can without key. However, you need to choose a method that you are comfortable with before experimenting. It is worth noting that corned beef should not be left opened in its original container as it can easily get contaminated. So after opening make sure you transfer it into an airtight container.

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