How to Melt Caramel For Apples

Melt Caramel For Apples

When it comes to melting caramel, there are several ways you can go about it. Some of the most effective ways to melt caramel include the oven method, the microwave, the double boiler method and over the stove.


The Microwave Method of Melting Caramel For Apples

One way to melt caramel is in the microwave oven. To do this you will need;

  • Microwave safe dish
  • Wooden spoon
  • Measuring spoon
  • Milk, cream or water
  • Your apples
  • Microwave Oven

First unwrap your caramel cubes or candy, and simply place them in a microwave safe bowl then put the bowl in the microwave. You can add some milk or water to your caramel for better results. Ensure to melt your caramel in the microwave at 30 to 60 seconds intervals. Stir the mixture each time you take it out so that the heat is evenly distributed. Simply repeat the process if the caramel hasn’t melted evenly. Also, keep in mind that all microwaves vary in temperature so you might want to melt your caramel over medium heat. When done simply remove the caramel from the microwave oven and let it sit for a minute or so especially if the caramel has become too thin. When the sauce is ready, you can now dip the apples in the caramel sauce to coat them.

The microwave method is one effective way to melt caramel candies especially if you do not have time to make caramel from scratch. Soft caramel candies are even better to use. It’s important to note that you don’t always have to add some milk or cream to your caramel but, it will give you better results if you do so. Just make sure that you do not put too much to prevent the sauce from becoming too thin.

The Double Boiler Method

Another effective way to melt caramel is to use a double boiler. All you need to do is to setup your double boiler on the stovetop as you would do with any other meal and place your caramel in the top bowl.

You will need;

  • The double boiler
  • Wooden spoon
  • Measuring spoon
  • Milk, cream or water
  • Your apples

Unwrap your caramel cubes and or candy and place them in the top bowl. You can also add some milk, cream or water in the bowl. On low heat let your boiler heat up in order to prevent the caramel from burning and only increase the temperature when it’s necessary. Stir your caramel as it melts so that it does not stick. Using the double boiler may take a bit of time especially compared to the microwave method so you have to be a bit patient. It can take up to 10 or 15 minutes for best results. The double boiler will help you melt the caramel perfectly and will prevent the caramel from cooling for a perfect apple dip.

The Slow Cooker Method of Melting Caramel For Apples

  • A heat safe bowl
  • The slow cooker

With the slow cooker method, make sure that you use a heat safe bowl that is small enough not to touch the walls of your slow cooker. The size of the slow cooker is not that important as long as the bowl fits inside it. Unwrap your caramel candy and place it in the bowl together with some milk. When adding milk, cream or water make sure that you add just enough depending with the amount of caramel you want to melt. Too much milk or water will make your caramel too thin. The key is to keep your caramel candy moist as it melts.  Fill your slow cooker with just enough hot water. By doing this, you are creating a double boiler in your slow cooker. Set your slow cooker on medium to high heat and let it sit for an hour or two. This method is one of the slowest methods. You can set a timer but make sure that your slow cooker is on a heat safe surface such as granite. Ensure that you stir your caramel after an hour and let it cook for another 15 to 20 minutes. When ready you can dip your apples and store the leftover caramel in a jar. Make sure that you use the leftover caramel within 3 months.

The Oven Method

The oven method is another effective way to melt your caramel for apples. You will need to be attentive when using the oven to melt your caramel. When using the oven, make sure that you set it to your lowest heat to prevent burning your caramel. You will need;

  • An oven safe dish/heat safe bowl
  • Wooden Spoon
  • The Oven
  • Water or Milk

Place the unwrapped caramel in the oven safe dish. You can add a bit of water to moisturise the caramel as it melts. Set your oven timer for 60 to 90 minutes so that your caramel melts completely. You should check on your caramel frequently and stir it so that the caramel melts perfectly without sticking. When your caramel is ready, you can dip your apples as desired.

The Stove Top Method of Melting Caramel For Apples

With the stovetop method, you can either imitate the double method or place your caramel into a saucepan directly and heat on low heat. The best way would be to imitate a double boiler. This way you can place a bowl or glass jar with your caramel inside a bigger pot. You can then place the bigger pot with hot water in it over the stove and let it cook for a 30 minutes to an hour. Make sure that you melt the caramel on low heat. Some milk or water can be added to your caramel for moisture. Just as with every other melting methods, stir the caramel regularly for effective results. When using the saucepan or any other pot directly to melt your caramel also make sure that you set your stove to medium to low heat. You must make sure that you stir your caramel regularly to prevent it from burning. When your caramel is ready, you can dip your apples as desired to produce the caramel apples.

The best method for melting caramel for apples simply depends on how soon you want the sauce. The slower methods are always best since the risk of burning the caramel is much lower. That means the double boiler and the slow cooker method are best. You can make a lot of caramel sauce and have leftover sauce to put in the fridge.

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