Dry Mustard Substitute For Dry Rub

Dry Mustard Substitute For Dry Rub

Dry mustard is a wonderful spice to use especially if you want to make a dry rub for your meat. It gives the meat a pungent flavour because it is kind of spicy. There are also other spices that can be used to substitute dry mustard when making a dry rub and the thrust of this article is to note down some of these substitutes. For the benefit of those who are not aware of what dry mustard is, this article will start by giving a brief explanation so that you can have a better understanding. The definition of what a dry rub is will also be highlighted so that the substitutes we choose can perfectly replace the dry mustard in the rub.


What is dry mustard?

Dry mustard is simply mustard seeds that are grounded and are in powder form. It is also referred to as English mustard and it is a spice that is used to season sauces, soups, dips, vinaigrettes and salad dressings. It is also incorporated when making a dry spice rub. Dry mustard adds heat and a pungent flavour to the food it is added to because naturally mustard seeds are a bit spicy. Therefore when looking for a substitute for dry mustard we need to consider the fact that it is spicy so the substitutes we choose should be able provide that spicy feel. In grocery stores the dry mustard is often found in the condiments section close to the other spices so you can search for it there.

What is a dry rub?

It is important to know what a dry rub is so that when choosing a substitute for dry mustard you know exactly what to look for. A dry rub is a mixture of dried spices that are rubbed directly on the meat before cooking so as to add flavour to them. A dry rub doesn’t contain any wet ingredients. Therefore when choosing a dry mustard substitute for dry rub we need to choose dry ingredients and not wet ingredients since dry ingredients will be able to fulfil the ‘dry’ aspect of the rub.

Dry mustard substitutes for dry rub

NB: all the substitutes highlighted below are dry ingredients so they substitute dry mustard very well.

Turmeric powder

NB: turmeric powder has a number of health benefits so it is actually a healthier alternative to dry mustard. Furthermore the taste of turmeric is spicy and can be compared to that of dry mustard.

If you do not have dry mustard in your house you can easily substitute it for turmeric powder. This is because it has a warm bitter, pepper like flavour and also a bright yellow colour which is almost similar to that of dry mustard. So in terms of flavour, turmeric powder and dry mustard have similarities. Turmeric powder is derived from the turmeric plant and it is commonly used in Asian dishes. When substituting dry mustard with turmeric powder use a ratio of 1:1. This means that for every tablespoon of dry mustard required by the rub you need to also add a tablespoon of turmeric powder. It is important to know that turmeric powder has many health benefits so apart from just adding the yellow colour to the dry rub it will add more nutrients to it.

Mustard seeds

NB: this is a good substitute since the flavour of the mustard seeds mimics perfectly the flavour of the dry mustard due to the fact that dry mustard is made using mustard seeds.

Mustard seeds are an excellent substitute for dry mustard when making a dry rub since they have a similar taste with dry mustard, this is due to the fact that mustard seeds are actually an ingredient used to make dry mustard. When you use mustard seeds to substitute dry mustard they add a punch to the rub and it will be more delicious. When substituting dry mustard for mustard seeds you first have to crush the mustards seeds in a coffee grinder or seed grinder until they form a powder. If you do not have any of these kitchen accessories simply use a big spoon or pot to grind the seeds on a clean surface. For every tablespoon of dry mustard add ½ a tablespoon of mustard seeds when substituting it in a dry rub.

Wasabi powder

NB: wasabi powder is spicier as compared dry mustard so you need to add it in small amounts so that it can balance well with all the other ingredients.

A dry mustard substitute for dry rub is wasabi powder, this is because it has the same consistency as dry mustard since it comes from a plant which is almost similar to dry mustard. They are both plant base condiments and when you add a small amount of wasabi powder to a dry rub you will notice that it will taste similar to dry mustard. Most people prefer substituting dry mustard with wasabi since wasabi adds an extra kick to the spice rub. The only problem is that wasabi powder is very spicy as compared dry mustard therefore when using it as a rub just add a small amount of it so that it does not over power all the other ingredients in the dry rub.


Making a dry rub using dry mustard is easy but finding a substitute for the dry mustard can be a bit complicated since you have to find an ingredient that lives up to the flavour and texture of the dry mustard. The article above has highlighted some of the most common substitutes that you can use and all the substitutes that were noted down are dry ingredients. Turmeric was noted as one of the first substitutes of dry mustard when making a dry rub this is because it emulates the flavour of the dry mustard. The other substitute that was highlighted are mustard seeds and it is a good substitute since it has the same flavour profile as dry mustard. The last substitute that was highlighted is wasabi powder and it is spicier as compared to dry mustard but it works well when used in smaller quantities.

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