Where To Find White Miso In Grocery Store

Find White Miso In Grocery Store

White miso also known as shiro miso is a fermented paste that is used to make many Japanese dishes. The paste is made when soya beans and rice are fermented for a period of 2 or more months. White miso has a shorter fermentation period as compared to other types of miso that is why it has a mild sweet like taste to it and most people refer to it as sweet miso. It is important to know that if miso ferments for a longer period the flavour will become bolder that is why the other types of miso like red miso are very saltier as compared to white miso because they are fermented for about a year. White miso has a light beige to yellow colour so you will be able to spot it in any grocery store.

White miso is used to make the traditional Japanese soup known as miso soup, so the next time you are at any Japanese restaurant you can order that soup, it is very tasty. White miso is a great source of vitamin K, copper, zinc, manganese and protein. Therefore if you eat it your immune system will get stronger. If you are interested in buying white miso, then you can find it in a number of grocery stores which will be highlighted in this article, but it is important to also know which aisle to check for the white miso, thus this article starts by addressing the most frequently asked question that is; where to find white miso in grocery store.

Which aisle or section to check for white miso in grocery store

The first place you can find white miso in grocery store is at the produce section, it is usually placed next to the tempeh, mock meats and tofu. Sometimes you can find it placed next to red miso, yellow miso and other types of miso.

The next place you can check for white miso in a grocery store if you do not find it at the produce section is the organic or natural foods aisle. Usually it will be in a cooler since naturally white miso is supposed to be placed in a refrigerator.

However, if you do not come across white miso in the above mentioned areas you can find it at the international aisle. It is usually placed next to other Asian products in the international aisle.

What grocery stores sell white miso?

Amazon– this is one of the largest online stores, so you can find different brands of white miso. Furthermore, you buy white miso in bulk and they also deliver so you don’t have to physically go to any grocery store.

Walmart– you can buy white miso at Walmart but if Walmart is not available in your area you can use the online store locater to find the nearest grocery store in your area that has white miso. Furthermore, Walmart has an online shopping service so you can easily buy your white miso there.

Safeway– if there is a Safeway store in your area you can find different brands like Roland Shiro Miso and Cold Mountain Mellow White Miso.

Kroger– there are a lot of different brands of white miso at Kroger so you can easily find your favourite brand.

Whole foods market– white miso is found at the produce section at Whole foods market so you can check for it at the jarred  area next to the mock meats or where other fermented vegetables are kept.

Publix– if there is a Publix store in your area you will be able to find different brands like Miso master and Cold Mountain

Asian markets– a number of Asian dishes use white miso so the probability of finding white miso at an Asian market is very high. Furthermore, if you buy white miso at an Asian market the price will be lower as compared to any other grocery store.

Local health food store– white miso is very healthy and organic so most likely your local health store will have it in stock. However, if you don’t find it you can still find other types of miso like red miso or yellow miso.

Target– there are a number of white miso brands you can find at Target

Exciting ways of using white miso

Use white miso to make soup

White miso can be used to make a vegan soup, which can be served as an appetizer.  When white miso is used to make the soup instead of red miso it will have a mild sweet flavour to it. So next time you have white miso in your kitchen just turn it into a delicious vegan miso soup, you will enjoy it.

Use white to make salad dressing

White miso adds a delicious umami taste to the salad if you incorporate it in your salad dressing. There are a number of salad dressings that can be made from white miso, some of which include the carrot-ginger miso dressing and the Caesar dressing. You can look up the recipes and try them out if you are a fanatic of salads.


White miso is a very popular ingredient in Japanese cuisines and it can now be found all over the world. When searching for it in grocery stores it is very important to have an idea of where exactly to look for it. The article has highlighted that the first place to look for it is in the produce section or at the international aisle. You can also find it at the organic or natural foods section of a grocery store. A number of grocery stores that sell white miso have been indicated and some of them include Target, Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Whole foods market and Asian markets. Most of the stores highlighted in the article offer delivery options so you can just check on their websites to see if delivery option is available in your area. The easiest ways of using white miso have been highlighted, so you can try them out when you have white miso at home.

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