Where To Find Lemongrass In Grocery Store


Adding lemongrass to your cuisines is one of the most thoughtful things you can ever do. It adds a lot of flavour and aroma to dishes and it really blends well with different ingredients. If you are searching for where to find lemongrass in grocery store then simply check out the article below. There is also a list of grocery stores that sell lemongrass, so you can always buy from there.


Which aisle or section to find lemongrass in grocery store

The first place where you can find fresh lemongrass in grocery store is at the produce section. It is usually placed in a display on its own or it will be placed next to fruits and vegetables in that aisle. So you really need to carefully look for it.

If you do not find fresh lemongrass in the produce area then you will have to buy the lemongrass paste. You will can find lemongrass paste in grocery store at the produce area. It will be placed next to other herb pastes like basil and cilantro.

The last place where you can find lemongrass in grocery store is at the spice aisle. However, this type of lemongrass will be the dried lemongrass. It will be placed next to other seasonings.

What grocery stores sell lemongrass?

Amazon– on Amazon you can buy fresh lemongrass as well as dried lemongrass. Buying on Amazon is very convenient since it is an online store and you can do everything from the comfort of your house.

Walmart– at Walmart you can find the lemongrass paste as well as the dried lemongrass. If you do not know a Walmart store in your area, you can always use their online store locater which is available on their website. It will help you to find the nearest grocery store in your area that sells lemongrass.

Safeway– if there is a Safeway store in your area you can buy the fresh lemongrass as well as the lemongrass paste.

Publix– if there is a Publix store in your area then you can buy lemongrass stalks, but if you do not find them, then you can always buy the lemongrass paste from the produce section.

Kroger– fresh lemongrass is sold at Kroger and they also sell the lemongrass paste.

Vons– lemongrass paste and fresh lemongrass can be found at Vons.

Wegmans– at Wegmans you can find the fresh lemongrass in the produce section and also the lemongrass paste.

Asian markets– if there is an Asian market close by then you can always visit them and buy lemongrass stalks. They usually have them in store.

Whole foods market– at Whole foods market you can find fresh lemongrass in the produce section.

Local health food store– your local health food store should have fresh lemongrass in store and if they don’t you will be able to find the dried lemongrass.

Albertsons– you can buy the lemongrass paste at Albertsons, they usually sell it.

Target– you can buy lemongrass at Target. Check the spice aisle for dried lemongrass.

How to use lemongrass

Use lemongrass when making a stir fry

This is actually one of the easiest ways of using lemongrass. Simply chop the fresh lemongrass and toss it into your stir fry. It will really add a nice flavour and aroma to your stir fry. The good thing about using lemongrass is that it blends well with all the other flavours and it does not overpower all the other ingredients.

Use lemongrass to make tea

This is also another thing you can do with lemongrass. Simply take your fresh lemongrass and boil it in a pot until it releases most of its flavour. Serve the tea while hot. It actually has some medicinal benefits. Lemongrass tea is very delicious and before you place it in a cup you can need to remove the stalks and serve the liquid only. This is because the stalks have a tendency of being woody and they don’t add a nice consistency to your tea.

Use lemongrass to make a stew

Lemongrass can actually be used to make a stew. You can add a few stalks of lemongrass to your stew. Leave them in the pot for a few minutes or until they release as much flavour and aroma as you would want them to. Remove the pieces of lemongrass before serving the stew. This is because they tend to be woody and their texture might ruin the stew.

How to store fresh lemongrass

If you are planning to use your lemongrass within a short period of time then the fridge is your best option. Take you lemongrass and loosely wrap it before placing it in the fridge. However, if you want to extend the shelf life of fresh lemongrass then the best option will be to freeze it. In order to do that simply cut the lemongrass into small pieces then place them into ice cube trays and let them freeze for a few minutes. When they are frozen, transfer them into sealable plastic bags and place them in the freezer. Each time you want to use your frozen lemon grass you simple take out 1 portion instead of taking out the whole bunch.

How to store lemongrass paste

Lemongrass paste should be stored in the fridge for about 2 to 3 weeks. However, if you want to extend the shelf life of lemongrass paste then the freezer is the best option. It can last for several months in the freezer.

How to store dried lemongrass

Dried lemongrass should always be stored in an air tight container. This will help to ensure that it retains its flavour and texture. Ensure that the lemongrass is not exposed to sunlight and moisture as this can compromise its shelf life.


Lemongrass is an easy ingredient to locate in the grocery store. It is found in 3 forms that is the fresh version, dried version and the paste. So you can always buy the one that you like. It is worth noting that most of the stores highlighted in this article display their available products on their website. Meaning you can always check which versions of lemongrass are available in store before going.

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