Where To Find Escarole In Grocery Store

Find Escarole In Grocery Store

If you are searching for escarole in grocery store then you have come to the right place. The article below highlights the various sections and aisles where it is usually kept. For convenience purposes, a list of popular stores that usually have this product are indicated.


What Is Escarole?

Escarole also known as broad-leaved endive is a leafy green vegetable that belongs to the chicory family. This vegetable is commonly used when making Italian cuisines and it is usually a bit expensive than vegetables like lettuce since it is considered a specialty item. Escarole can be eaten whilst raw and is mainly incorporated in salads.

Which Section Or Aisle To Find Escarole In Grocery Store

Escarole can be found at the produce section in grocery store. It will be placed close to lettuce in this section so you have to look closely.

What Grocery Stores Sell Escarole

Amazon you might be able to find fresh escarole on Amazon so you can always try buying from there.

Kroger– at Kroger you can find fresh escarole at the produce section. It is usually stored close to lettuce.  Kroger has a delivery and pick-up option which you can make use of.

Whole foods market– you can find this vegetable at Whole Foods market so you can always buy from there.

Safeway– they usually have escarole at the produce section so you can always buy from there.

Publix– if there is a Publix store in your area then you can buy this product there. They usually keep it at the produce section. This store has a pick-up and delivery option which you can make use of.

Meijer– you can find fresh escarole at any Meijer supermarket.

Albertsons– you can find escarole at Albertsons. You can also make use of their website to check product availability.

Vons– you may be lucky enough to find this product in Vons, so you can always check product availability on their website.

Ralphs– check the produce section at Ralphs that is where this product is usually kept.

Fred Meyer– you can find organic escarole at Fred Meyer. It will be placed in the produce section, right next to lettuce.

Ethnic markets– there is a chance that you will find escarole at an ethnic market especially one that sells Italian ingredients, so you just have to look closely.

Piggly Wiggly– check the produce section at Piggly Wiggly that is where this product is usually found.

Wegmans– they usually have this product available in store so you can always buy from there.

How To Use Escarole


Escarole can be used when making a salad. All you have to do is wash the escarole so that you remove all the germs on it. Once the vegetable is clean you can then chop it and place in a bowl. Add other vegetables of your choice, which you think will pair well with the escarole. You can then use a vinaigrette of your choice to dress the salad.


Escarole can be incorporated to the Italian wedding soup. It will add a lot of flavor and color to the dish.  Before adding this amazing vegetable, it’s important that you always wash it first so that you get rid of all the germs.

How To Store Escarole

Escarole should be stored in the crisper and it can last for 5 days when stored here. It is important that you do not wash escarole until you are ready to use it. This is because water makes it deteriorate in its appearance, texture and flavor. So the only time you are supposed to wash escarole is when you are ready to prepare it. Cooked escarole should be stored in the fridge. If you are storing it in the fridge make sure you place it in an airtight container. Escarole that is stored in the fridge will last for approximately 3 days so make sure you consume it before it turns bad. Storing cooked escarole in the freezer is not recommended since it tends to breakdown the delicate leaves.

Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Escarole

Boosts Immune System

One of the health benefits of taking escarole is that it boosts the immune system. This is mainly because it contains vitamin C that helps the body to build antibodies that help to fight off and resist certain diseases.

Improves Digestion

Escarole contains fiber that helps to promote good digestion. So if you consume this vegetable there is a good chance you will develop good gut health and you won’t experience constipation on a regular basis.

Supports Healthy Vision

Another benefit of this vegetable is that it promotes good vision. This is mainly because it is rich in vitamin A which is known to promote good eyesight in humans.

Promote Good Bone And Heart Health

This vegetable contains vitamin K which is known to reduce blood clots in the body. So if you consume moderate amounts of this vegetable your legs will not experience blood clots and your heart health will also improve.

May Reduce Inflammation

Escarole contains an antioxidant known as kaempferol that protects the body against chronic inflammation.  So by eating this vegetable you will also be gaining this important antioxidant in your body.

Can You Use Escarole As Lettuce?

Yes, you can use escarole as lettuce. This means you can use it to make salads or you can eat it whilst raw. This vegetable is filled with so many nutrients and vitamins which can be beneficial to your body.

Is Escarole The Same As Spinach?

No, escarole is not the same as spinach. These vegetables look and taste differently. They actually belong to different families. If you are looking for a substitute of escarole, you are better off using lettuce.

What Does Escarole Taste Like?

Escarole has a vegetal taste but with light bitterness. It is less bitter than other chicories. The taste of escarole is brighter and more pronounced when raw but when cooked it becomes mellow.


Escarole can be found at the produce section in grocery store. It is worth highlighting that most of the stores indicated in this article have online shopping platforms which you can make use of.

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