Where To Find Clotted Cream In Grocery Store

Find Clotted Cream In Grocery Store

Finding clotted cream in grocery store can be a daunting task which is why we have compiled a list of grocery stores that usually sell it. We have also highlighted some of the sections and aisles in which clotted cream is usually placed in these stores.


What Is Clotted Cream?

Clotted cream is a thick, smooth yellow cream that originated in England. It is normally used as a topping for scones. Clotted cream is also referred to as Devon clotted cream in in the U.S. It is made using full-fat unpasteurized milk which is heated up in a shallow pan until the cream rises to the surface and thickens.

Which Section Or Aisle To Find Clotted Cream In Grocery Store

Clotted cream can be found at the dairy section in grocery store. It is usually placed close to ingredients like whipped cream or butter.

If you do not find clotted cream in the above section, the next place where you can check for clotted cream in grocery store is at the International aisle. In this section, clotted cream will be placed close to other British ingredients in the refrigerator section.

What Grocery Stores Sell Clotted Cream?

Amazonthis is the best place to buy clotted cream mainly because they usually have different brands in stock. Buying clotted cream on Amazon is very convenient since it is an online store.

Walmart– this product can be found at Walmart they usually have the English Luxury clotted cream. If you are searching for a specific brand of clotted cream you can always check product availability on Walmart’s website.

Whole foods market– they usually have it in store so you can always buy from there.

Kroger– they have the Devon cream company English clotted cream. They also have a delivery option if you are not for the idea of physically visiting the store.

Albertsons– you can find Devon cream at Albertsons they usually have it in store. If you are in need of a certain brand then head over to their website they usually show all the available options.

Safeway– if there is a Safeway store in your area then you can always buy from there. They usually have the Devon Cream.

Wegmans– you can find clotted cream at Wegmans so you can always choose to buy from there.

Vons– you can be found at any Vons store. If you are looking for a specific brand then simply head over to their website to view all available brands.

H-E-B– you can find it at any H-E-B store. They usually have the Devon Cream English Luxury clotted cream.

Albertsons– it can be found at any Albertsons store and it will be labelled as English Luxury clotted cream.

Ralphs– they usually have it in store so you can always buy from there.

How To Use Clotted Cream

When Having Scones

In Britain, clotted cream is often served with scones and people treat it like butter when they are having their scones. This means they just spread it on top of their scones. They can later add jam on top just to enhance the flavors.

When Making Chocolate Truffle

When you are making chocolate truffles at home you can always add clotted cream instead of whipped cream. This is because it will add more flavor to the truffle as compared to when you use whipped cream.


Clotted cream has a very short shelf life and because of that you need to store it in the refrigerator and use it within a few days. When it is kept unrefrigerated it will turn bad faster and can lead to severe stomach problems when consumed. Therefore, always make sure, that your Devon cream stays in the refrigerator. You should also check the expiry date on the bottle so that you are aware of when it’s most likely to turn bad.

What Does Clotted Cream Taste Like?

Clotted cream tastes like high quality unsalted butter but with a mildly sweet and nutty flavor. In terms of richness, it falls somewhere between whipped cream and butter.

Is Cottage Cheese And Clotted Cream The Same?

No, cottage cheese and clotted cream are not the same. This is because they taste differently and they are produced using different methods. Cottage cheese is produced by adding probiotics or active cultures to dairy milk which then coverts the milk sugars into lactic acid. The lactic acid then separates the curds from the whey. The curds are further processed into cottage cheese. On the other hand clotted cream is produced by heating milk in a pan for many hours until the cream rises to the surface and thickens or clots.

Where Is Clotted Cream Kept?

Clotted cream is kept in the refrigerator. This is because it has a short shelf life and when exposed to extreme temperatures it can easily turn bad.

Why Can’t I Buy Clotted Cream In The US?

The reason why you might be failing to buy clotted cream is because it is not available in all stores in the U.S. This is because this product is originally made in Britain and importing it from Britain can be a cumbersome process considering it has a short shelf life. However, in the US you can find Devon cream which is similar to clotted cream. You can buy it online or from any of the stores indicated above.

What Is Clotted Cream Called In America?

Clotted cream is called Devon cream or Devonshire cream in America.

Can You Buy Clotted Cream In A Jar?

Yes you can buy clotted cream in a jar. In fact most brands that are available on the market, pack their products in jars. This helps to preserve the product.


Clotted cream can be found in a number of grocery stores as indicated above. It is worth noting that most of the stores indicated in this article have online shopping platforms. This means you can easily buy products from the comfort of your house and have them delivered to your door step.

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