Where To Find Cacao Butter In Grocery Store

Find Cacao Butter In Grocery Store

If you are wondering on where to find cacao butter in grocery store then you have come to the right place. Check out the article below to see where you can find cacao butter in grocery store. The article also makes life easier for you by giving you a list of grocery stores that usually sell cacao butter.


Which section or aisle to find cacao butter in grocery store

The first place where you are likely to find cacao butte is at the organic section or natural foods section. This is because cacao butter is an organic product and in most grocery stores you will find it placed to other organic products used for baking.

If you do not find cacao butter in the above stated area then you can always check the baking aisle. You might find it placed there with other baking ingredients.

The other place where you can search for cacao butter is in the aisle which contains speciality oils like coconut oil there is a good chance that it would be placed there.

However, if you fail to find cacao butter in all the above stated area then the last place where you are likely to find cacao butter is at the supplements aisle. This is mainly because cacao butter is treated by some people as a super food so they take it as supplements and it might be placed next to acai powder.

What grocery stores sell cocoa butter?

Amazon– this is one of the largest online stores and you are guaranteed to find different brands of cacao butter. The advantage of buying cacao butter on Amazon is that you do not have to go through the trouble of physically visiting the store you can just buy everything from the comfort of your home.

Walmart– you can come across different brands of cacao butter at Walmart however, if there is no Walmart store in your area simply use their online store locater to find the nearest grocery store in your area that sells cacao butter you can also view the different brands that are in store.

Meijer– if there is a Meijer store in your area then you can always buy cacao butter from there they you usually have different brands.

Whole foods market– you can find cacao butter at Whole foods, start by checking the baking aisle if you do not find it there simply check the supplements aisle because they always have it in store.

Vons– you can sometimes find Navitas Organic cacao butter at Vons so you can simply check their website to see if it’s available.

Kroger– at Kroger you will find different brands of cacao butter for example Navitas organic cacao butter and Sunfood raw organic cacao butter which you can choose from.

Publix– if there is a Publix store in your area you will find coconut butter there. You can also check their website to see which brands they have in store.

Safeway– at Safeway you will commonly come across the cocoa butter moisturiser but if you are looking for the one which you can add to food then you can ask the customer service representatives it might be in store at that particular moment.

Ethnic markets– usually ethnic markets sell cacao butter so if there is one close by simply check it out you might be very lucky to find your favourite brand there.

Local health food store– the probability of you finding your favourite brand of cacao butter at your local health food store is very high this is because cacao butter is a healthy food. Check for it at the shelf stable aisles or the refrigerator section.

King Soopers– you can find cacao butter at King Soopers but you will usually find the moisturiser you can always ask the customer representatives if the one for cooking is available. You can always check their website to see which brands are available.

Exciting ways of using cacao butter

Use cacao butter to make a smoothie

When making your smoothies in the morning you can add a few tablespoons of cacao butter to the blender. It will really enhance the flavour of your smoothie whilst giving it a beautiful aroma. Cacao butter is very healthy it contains monounsaturated fats which the body needs.

Use cacao butter to make chocolate

This is also another exciting thing to do with cacao butter. To make the chocolate at home you simply need ½ a cup of raw cacao butter, 4 tablespoons of raw cocoa powder, 4 tablespoons of coconut sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. You can also add dried fruits to your chocolate just to make it stand out a little bit. Chocolate made from cacao butter is regarded as a vegan chocolate since it does not contain any animal products.

Use cacao butter when making bulletproof coffee

If you are on a diet and you are taking bulletproof coffee then you can add cacao butter to it. This helps to enhance the flavour of the coffee and it adds a few healthy fats to your diet. You can start by adding a few teaspoons and see how it tastes.

Use cacao butter to make vegan white chocolate

White chocolate is known to contain milk however you can use cacao butter to make your own white chocolate which is vegan. For this recipe you need to totally rule out all the animal products and use cocoa butter, coconut oil, powdered sugar and vanilla extract. These ingredients will help you to produce the perfect vegan white chocolate.


Generally you can find cacao butter at different grocery stores however, the problem is that stores keep it in different aisles so you need to always refer to this guide. It is worth noting that the stores highlighted in this article also have online shopping platforms where you can buy from instead of having to physically visit the store. Always remember to check if the delivery option is available in your area to avoid any inconveniences but usually some websites will notify you.

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