What Does Pheasant Taste Like?

Pheasant Taste

The question about what pheasant tastes like is a subject of debate amongst most people, others suggest that it tastes like chicken whilst some argue that it tastes like chicken. If you are someone who has never heard of a pheasant do not worry this article will give you a guide of what it is and how it looks like so that when you see it you will be able to identify it. A description of how pheasants taste like will be given in detail so you will be able to predict its flavour the moment you buy it. For the benefit of people who are health conscious this article will note down some of the benefits of eating pheasant meat and also it will give you 2 easy ways of cooking pheasant especially if you are a beginner.


What is pheasant?

A pheasant is a large long tailed game bird which has its origins in Asia and Britain. Pheasants can be cooked and served for people and they can either be found in the wild or they can be raised on a farm.  Pheasants are found in about 35 species all over the world and they are very hard to hunt down. Wild peasants can live up to 3 years in the wild whilst domesticated pheasants have twice the life span of wild pheasants. Wild pheasants have a distinct taste and flavour as compared to pheasants that are raised on a farm, this is because of the difference in the food they take. Wild peasants eat anything whilst those raised on a farm have a specific diet. Pheasants are omnivores meaning that they eat both plants and animals expects for seeds, fruits and insects

What pheasant tastes like

The flavour profile of a pheasant is dependent on the type of pheasant you are eating. A farm raised pheasant tastes like chicken since it is fed the same type of food as chickens in most cases. Usually when you feed a pheasant the same food you give to chickens they will have a similar taste. On the other hand a wild pheasant tastes like chicken but with a sweeter flavour and pungent taste. Wild pheasants have a prevailing smell because they stay in the wild and they do not have a specific diet, they just eat anything they can find.

Health benefits of pheasant

Pheasant is high in vitamins

Pheasant is rich in vitamins B and C. Vitamin C helps to repair cells and tissues in the human body and vitamin B helps with cognitive development and it boosts energy in the body. When you eat pheasant you are guaranteed of getting these vitamins.

 Pheasant is high in potassium

Potassium helps with cardiovascular health and pheasant is rich in potassium. It is important to note that potassium helps to neutralise the excessive amount of sodium in the body.  Excessive sodium causes cardiovascular diseases thus, by consuming potassium you will be eliminating the excessive sodium content in your system.

Pheasant is high in iron

Pheasant is high in iron which helps in the production of red blood cells in the body. Iron also helps to reduce and fight the symptoms of anaemia, so if you are anaemic try eating pheasant more often it will help to boost the amount of blood in your body.

Pheasant is high in protein

Pheasant is high in protein which helps to boost the immune system. Protein helps with the creation of enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals. Furthermore, the other benefits of protein to human health is that it optimizes muscle growth. If you are into body building, try taking foods high in protein for example pheasant, this can help you to have strong muscles.

How to cook pheasant

You can grill pheasant

The first thing to do when cooking pheasant meat is to marinate it with the spices of your choice and also put a little bit of olive oil on it. You can either grill or bake it depending on your preference. Be careful not to overcook it since it easily turns dry and when it turn dry you won’t be able to taste the flavour very well.

You can make stew with pheasant

NB: making a stew using pheasant takes a longer period of time so be sure to try this method when you have a lot of time to spare.

Pheasant can be cooked as a stew, the dish is known as peasant stew. The important thing to do when making peasant stew is to marinate the pheasant using wine so that it absorbs more flavour. You can marinate it for a whole day then cook it. You can add any other ingredients that you like, but please ensure that the ingredients you add are able to compliment the pheasant meat.


Pheasant is a very famous game bird consumed by many people in the different parts of the world. It has its origins in Asia and Britain and it can either be caught in the wild or it can be domesticated, meaning it can be kept on a farm. Wild pheasants are different from domesticated pheasants this is because wild pheasants do not have a specific diet, they eat whatever is available in the wild, whereas domesticated pheasants have a specific diet. Such differences are the reason why the meat of a wild pheasant is different from that of a domesticated one. A farm kept pheasant tastes exactly like chicken and a wild peasant has a stronger smell and flavour as compared to a chicken. It is important to note that the 2 taste like chicken but the wild pheasant has a potent taste. There are a number of nutrients found in pheasant meat so if you are health conscious then pheasant is the right meat for you. It is very high in iron, potassium and vitamins B and C. Easy methods of cooking pheasant have been highlighted meaning you can either choose to grill it or turn it into a pheasant stew.

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