Substitute For Gruyere Cheese In Mac And Cheese

Substitute For Gruyere Cheese In Mac And Cheese

Gruyere cheese is a favourite for a lot of people. It can be added to all kinds of dishes and cuisines. While this type of cheese is delicious and delectable, you may not find it in many stores. If you are on a special diet or you are not able to consume dairy products at a time there are other alternatives you can consider.


Comte Cheese

One of the best alternatives for gruyere cheese in mac and cheese is comte cheese. Comte cheese is a semi-firm and a smoother type of French cheese that is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk. It is a great cheese for cooking. Comte cheese has a nutty flavour that can work well with mac and cheese, sprinkled over veggies, or folded into a plate of eggs. It is fairly firm so it can be sliced, cubed, or grated as needed. Another advantage about this type of cheese is that it is long lasting. Even if you forget it in your fridge for a few days it will not go off in a short space of time. You can simply replace comte cheese at a 1 to 1 ratio with gruyere cheese in your dish.

Beaufort Cheese

Also a good substitute for gruyere cheese in mac and cheese is beaufort cheese. This type of cheese is also a perfect option when it comes to replacing gruyere cheese for broiling or baking. It has a similar taste as the gruyere cheese and can be found in a lot of supermarkets. It is a firm raw cow’s milk cheese that is associated with the gruyère family cheese. As such it can be considered as your next best option if you cannot access the gruyere cheese. Beaufort cheese has a smooth and creamy texture with a high melting point, making it ideal for baking because of how easy it is to melt.

Jarlsberg Cheese

Jarlsberg cheese which is very similar to gruyere cheese can be a good substitute for mac and cheese. It is mellow and delicious, and ideal for broiled or grilled recipes that require gruyere cheese. This cheese is also perfect for melting on top of dishes, such as baked potatoes or a flan. Because of its sharp and nutty flavour with a sophisticated taste it can make an excellent alternative for gruyere cheese in mac and cheese. Keep in mind that it may be a bit stronger than gruyere cheese so make sure that you are mindful when adding it to your recipes.

Swiss cheese

Also a popular cheese in America, Swiss cheese can make a great substitute for gruyere cheese. If you cannot find any of the cheese already mentioned above then this type of cheese is your next best bet. Swiss cheese melts well, making it a great choice for sauces, sandwiches, as well as pasta. It is often paired with ham in omelettes, savoury pastries, and stuffed in Chicken Cordon Bleu. Swiss cheese that has been slightly aged can make a great addition to a cheese plate along with fruit, nuts, and bread. It is not difficult to find and you can replace it with gruyere cheese at a 1 to 1 ratio in your recipes. Swiss cheese can be found at all major grocery stores, all year-round. You can find Swiss cheese either grated, in slices, or in blocks in the dairy aisle, or in wedges and cheese wheels at the deli in most grocery stores.

Emmentaler Cheese

Emmentaler Cheese, is also another type of Swiss cheese that can be used in place of gruyere cheese in mac and cheese. It is similar to both Jarlsberg and gruyere cheese. Emmentaler cheese has a yellow to yellowish-white shade and it is known for how it can melt quickly. It is perfect for fondue, and there are many people that prefer this type of cheese because it is smoother than gruyere plus it has a higher consistency. Just like Swiss cheese you can find Emmentaler cheese in most grocery stores. Simply replace gruyere cheese with an equal amount of Emmentaler cheese.

Fontina Cheese

Fontina cheese is a semihard cow’s-milk cheese that is found originally in the Valle d’Aosta region of northern Italy. It has a tough beige natural rind and also makes a good substitute for gruyere cheese in mac and cheese. The cheese is sometimes coated in wax, with a pale gold interior and a few small holes. The cheese is mild but distinctively nutty and savoury and pairs well with a lot of dishes such as Italian bread, fresh fruit, black olives, and some crisp raw vegetables in addition to some mac and cheese.

Parmesan Cheese

While you can substitute gruyere cheese with a lot of other types of cheese, you can consider parmesan cheese for your mac and cheese. Parmesan has a nice zip and consistency plus a nice flavour that makes it an excellent substitute for gruyere cheese. When using it in place of gruyere cheese it is always best to add equal parts of parmesan cheese in place of gruyere cheese. Parmesan also works well when either melting it on your dishes or topping it onto pasta or salads.

Raclette Cheese

Raclette is a cheese that is originally from France and Switzerland, and it can make a perfect substitute for gruyere cheese in mac and cheese. It is also ideal if you want to grill or melt some cheese on top of your vegetables. Raclette cheese is also delicious on fries and it is popular around the world for topping or to have as a snack. This cheese is perfect especially if you want a savoury flavour that can go well with your vegetables. Any type of cheese that has a rich and hard consistency and that can melt well is an ideal substitute for gruyere cheese in mac and cheese. It is important to note that the cheese has a strong flavour, with some stronger or milder, although it has a similar texture when melted.

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