Substitute for Garbanzo Beans

Substitute for Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo beans has a unique mouth feel, it has a unique shape and it has a firmer texture that no other bean matches. Getting a substitute that is undetectable in terms of taste and texture is next to impossible. However, finding an ingredient or ingredients that taste and look fairly similar is possible. Most beans are interchangeable with others in many cases, it all depends on what you are making.


Garbanzo beans

Garbanzo beans is largely known as chickpeas. This type of bean is common in the Middle East dishes. It is popular for being used in making hummus. Garbanzo beans is beige in colour, it has a firmer texture and is larger in shape. It is longer to cook, soaking it overnight especially in water with baking soda, softens the skin, causing it to take at least 40 minutes to cook.

Lima beans

Lima beans also referred to as butter beans because of its starchy-buttery texture can be used to alternate garbanzo beans in soup, stews or hummus. It substitutes garbanzo beans at a ratio of 1:1. You can use this ingredient whether you have it in your freezer or dried, if not fresh. Lima beans have a delicate flavour that complements a wide variety of dishes. The fact that lime beans cook faster than garbanzo beans, makes it an even better substitute.

White kidney beans

This ingredient also referred to as cannellini beans also does well substituting garbanzo beans in stews. The taste and texture do differ though, white kidney beans are mild flavoured and they become creamy when cooked, hence they can work well making hummus. This bean is kidney shaped as implied by its name. Kidney beans can be used in salads.

Pinto beans

Pinto bean is popular as it is a versatile ingredient. It is flexible enough to be used in a variety dishes. It is oval shaped, cream coloured with specks of brown, turning pink when cooked. Pinto bean is a great substitute for garbanzo beans in making dips, soups and baked dishes. To be able to prepare this ingredient well, boil the beans for a few minutes in your pot and let it stand for 2 hours before cooking. Alternatively, you can soak overnight like you do with garbanzo beans.


Garbanzo can also be used as a snack, you can roast it and the texture comes out nice, but its taste might not be as a crunchy. This is where edamame can be used as an alternative. Roasted edamame is a great substitute to garbanzo beans for a snack. You can roast them the same way as way you would the garbanzo and season them too. Their outside will becomes puff and it will be crunchy. Edamame is a Japanese name for a type of soybean, good tasting and super healthy too.


Avocado fits well into substituting garbanzo in making “chickpea blondies”. The texture avocado offers is just right texture. The batter will be just the required level of thickness.

Black beans

Black beans are a good substitute for garbanzo beans in salads and stews. Black beans is close enough to be used alternated in any recipe where garbanzo is used at a ratio of 1:1. As implied by its name, this particular ingredient is shiny black in colour. Black beans have a soft texture. It also has a mild, sweet and earthly flavour. It alternates garbanzo beans well in cold salads, stews, brownies, soups and hummus.

Great Northern Beans

This particular ingredient is delicate, has a soft texture and it has a mild flavour. This bean is a white medium sized bean. Its size is similar to that of garbanzo dish. Great northern beans make a good substitute to garbanzo beans in making soups, stews and in making a bean dip. It is also best in making hummus because of its distinctive flavour.

Navy beans

Navy beans is a good substitute for garbanzo beans, especially in chill, soups and salads. Its taste is close to that of garbanzo and is exactly the same with cannellini beans.

Anasazi beans

Anasazi beans causes dishes to be appetizing. They are popular with South Western dishes. They make a great job in place of garbanzo beans as it makes excellent soup with a delicious flavour and nice appearance. Anasazi bean is close to the pinto bean. It has a cream coloured skin with specks of purple. It has a creamy taste with hints of sweetness.


This is considered a universal replacement option. It is a very versatile ingredient. It can be interchanged with garbanzo beans. Tofu makes a good substitute for garbanzo beans as it works with all flavours. It tastes well as a replacement of garbanzo beans in a bean and lentil dish.

Cauliflower rice

Cauliflower rice or florets are the best ingredient you can use if you intend to substitute your garbanzo beans for a non-bean, gluten free ingredient. Cauliflower rice can actually be a good replacement for garbanzo in rustic chilli. It is also one of the go with all dishes and flavours, providing a rustic texture normally provided by beans. Cauliflower rice can also be used to make hummus in place of beans, resulting in a bean free hummus.


This substitute works well for vegetarians, especially if almond substitutes garbanzo beans in hummus. Soak your almonds in water for 12 hours before pureeing and preparing it for the dish.


It is possible to use peas instead of garbanzo beans in a dish. Peas is a great soy-free alternative in making stews and chilli. Peas also adds colour and it gives a pop to your soup.


Eggplant works well in place of garbanzo beans especially in Italian dishes. Before using eggplant as a replacement, make sure it will match the flavour profile of the dish you will be making. If you just use eggplant in any dish, the dish might end up tasting off, otherwise, eggplant is a good substitute of garbanzo beans.

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