How To Reheat Scallops

Reheat Scallops

Scallops belong to the sea food family and reheating them is a challenge for many people since they can end up losing their texture and flavour completely. This article highlights some of the methods that you can use to reheat scallops the right way without having to worry about the texture and the flavour. It is important to know that if you are planning on reheating your scallops the next day you need to store them in an airtight container and keep them in the refrigerator so that they do not go bad. The methods highlighted below have to be carefully followed if you want to achieve satisfactory results and it is important to ensure that the scallops have an internal temperature that reads between 125F and 130F when reheated.

NB:  cooked scallops last for up to 3 or 4 days in the refrigerator so be careful not to keep them in the refrigerator for a longer period than the stated one since they tend to lose their awesome taste and achieve a slimy texture.

Reheat scallops using an oven

NB: this is considered one of the best methods especially if you want your scallops to reheat properly without burning. This is because the oven radiates a steady amount of heat which reheats food evenly.

The oven can be used to reheat scallops and the first thing to do is to start by defrosting the scallops so that they will be easier to reheat, the next step will be to preheat the oven to 275F. Take the defrosted scallops and place them in an oven safe dish or bowl. Add a splash of water to the scallops and then cover the oven safe dish or bowl with foil paper so that the heat does not escape and so that the scallops can properly reheat. The next step will be to place the scallops in the oven for a period of 10 to 15minutes until their done. When you are sure that the scallops are done carefully remove the foil paper so that it doesn’t burn you. The internal temperature of the scallops should read between 125F to 130F. If the temperature of your scallops is between the stated range then that is a sign that you have killed any unwanted bacteria. You can serve the scallops with anything you like but try to consume them within a period of 2 hours since scallops can never be reheated twice.

Reheat scallops using a stove

NB: when you are using the stove to reheat scallops you need to keep a close eye on your pot so that the scallops do not burn.

Scallops can be reheated using the stove and as always you need to ensure that the scallops are defrosted and that they are at room temperature. The next step is to take a non-stick pan or a skillet and place it on a stove that is switched on between medium and low heat. Place the scallops inside the non-stick pan and add a splash of water which will help with the reheating process. Cover the non-stick pan with a lid so that the heat can really circulate around the scallops but do not forget to flip the scallops so that they can reheat evenly on both sides. Allow the scallops to thaw and when they have completely reheated you can serve them with anything you want. It is important to eat the scallops whilst they are hot so as to prevent food poisoning.

Reheat scallops by mixing them with other warm foods

NB: this usually works if the scallops are going to be eaten with something like pasta or rice.

When you have left overs like scallops and rice or pasta the best thing is to take out the scallops from the rice or pasta which would have been in the refrigerator and allow the scallops to reach room temperature. The next thing is to reheat the rice or pasta using either a stove, microwave or the oven. You can choose the best option for you. When the rice or pasta has reheated take the scallops and mix them together with the rice or pasta, they will warm up. This is a good method especially if you are sceptical about reheating sea food mainly because you might over cook it. Furthermore, scallops tend to taste a bit different when they are reheated so you might want to use this method if you want to enjoy your scallops.

NB: Avoid using the microwave when reheating scallops since a microwave releases a huge amount of radiation which in turn blasts the scallops with high temperature, thus leaving the outside over heated while the middle will still be cold.

However, if you are desperate and the only option you have is the microwave make sure you add a splash of water to the scallops before reheating them and then you can cover them with plastic wrap or a wet cloth so you can have a decent plate of reheated scallops.


Generally scallops are a little bit hard to reheat since they can end up being over cooked. Therefore it is important to follow the steps that have been highlighted in the above article. The first method that can be used to reheat the scallops is the oven method and this is the best since an oven regulates a decent amount of heat which helps to evenly cook the scallops. The stove can also be used to reheat the scallops and it is important to keep a close eye on the scallops so that they do not burn. The article has also highlighted that you can reheat the scallops by placing them in warm food if you are scared that you might over reheat the scallops.  It is important to know that the microwave is not a recommended kitchen accessory for reheating scallops since it produces a lot of radiation that can actually over reheat the outside of the scallops without reheating the inside.


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