How To Reheat Oatmeal

Reheat Oatmeal

Learning about how to reheat oatmeal is a very important thing since oatmeal can never be enjoyed whilst cold. Furthermore, due to food safety regulations it is always important to eat warm food to avoid the chances of getting food poisoning. For the benefit of those who are not really familiar with oatmeal this article gives a brief explanation of what it is and why most people prefer cooking it in advance and later reheating it. The various methods that can be used to reheat oatmeal will also be highlighted so you can easily give them a try the next time you make oatmeal.


What is oatmeal?

Oatmeal is a type of porridge that is made using steel-cut, milled or rolled oat grains. It is naturally gluten-free so it can safely be consumed by people who are gluten intolerant or simply by people who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. It is commonly served during breakfast. Oatmeal is healthy as it contains fibre, a number of minerals, vitamins as well antioxidants. Oatmeal takes a long time to cook usually 45 minutes depending on the type of oats you are preparing so that is why many people opt for the option of cooking it a day before then simply reheating it the next day. The next section of this article highlights how you can prepare oatmeal for the whole week so that you can easily reheat it during the week and have it for breakfast.

How to prepare oatmeal for the whole week

NB: if you plan on reheating oatmeal the entire week then you need to be equipped with the right ways of preparing it in the first place.

Making oatmeal for the whole week can take about 45 minutes but it will be worth it. When making the oatmeal for the whole week take 2 ½ cups of oatmeal and add them to a pot then add 5 cups of water and a pinch of salt to the pot. Place the pot with the oatmeal on a stove that is turned on to medium heat and bring them to a boil.  When the oatmeal is ready let it cool down then divided it and place it into containers or jars then store it in the refrigerator. During the week when you reheat the oatmeal, serve it with berries or add milk depending with what works well for you.

Since you now have an understanding of how oatmeal can be prepared let us move on to the next section were we discuss the 2 ways of reheating oatmeal in the morning. The methods highlighted are very easy to use and they are not time consuming.

Ways of reheating oatmeal

Reheat oatmeal using a microwave

NB: this is the easiest way to reheat oat meal. It is very convenient to use this method when you are in a hurry. However, if you are not careful the oatmeal can turn to goo.

You can reheat your oatmeal using a microwave and this method is not time consuming. To do this simply put your oatmeal in a microwave safe bowl and add milk to it just to help it to loosen up a bit and also so that it can get a creamier finish. If you don’t want to use milk you can always opt for water, however the results will not be the same. To ensure that the oatmeal reheats evenly mush up the oatmeal so that you can form a bowl at the centre of the oatmeal. Cover the oatmeal with a wet cloth or wet paper towel and microwave it for about 45 seconds. Remove the oat meal from the microwave and give it a stir then place it back into the microwave for an additional 45 seconds. You can repeat this process until you are completely satisfied that the oatmeal is completely reheated.

Reheat oatmeal using a stove

NB: this method is easy but it takes a longer time as compared to the microwave method but it is still a widely recommended substitute if you do not have a microwave.

When reheating oatmeal the first thing is to place your oatmeal in a pot. Add a little bit of water so as to bring back the texture of the oatmeal. If you want to achieve a creamier texture simply add a little bit of milk instead of water to the oat meal.  Place the pot with the oatmeal on a stove that is switched on to low or medium heat so that the oatmeal does not burn. Leave the oatmeal to simmer on the stove for about 7 to 10 minutes until it is evenly reheated. You can also give the oatmeal a regular stir so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot. When your oatmeal is evenly reheated serve it while its hot, you can also add any type of berries to it just to elevate the flavour.


Having oatmeal for breakfast is a great way to start the day since it is packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. The great thing about oatmeal is that it can be prepared in advance so all you have to do is simply reheat it and eat. The article above has highlighted how to cook oatmeal for the entire week and also how to store it if you would love to reheat it. The cooked oatmeal is usually stored in the refrigerator so that it doesn’t turn bad and it can last the whole week. The methods used for reheating oatmeal have been highlighted and there are only 2 recommended ways of reheating them. The first option is that of using a microwave and it is the easiest and fastest method to reheat oatmeal. The stove method is also a great method but it takes a minimum of 7 minutes to reheat the oatmeal on a stove. So the next time you want to have oatmeal simply make it using the instructions from this article and you can store it in the fridge and reheat it during the week.

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