How To Melt Frozen Butter

Melt Frozen Butter

There are so many ways to soften and melt butter.  The best method depends on what you intend to use the butter for. If you want to use the butter to spread on bread, muffins, or for baking simply taking it out of the refrigerator a few hours before you want to use it will be enough to soften the butter. Below are some of the best methods for softening or melting butter.


Cut The Butter Into Small Chunks

One easy and effective way of softening or melting butter is to cut into small chunks. Cutting the butter into small chunks will help you soften the butter much quicker than the whole stick especially if you do not have the time to leave it outside for a few hours. This method is even more effective if you place the butter near a warm stove. You only need a knife and your frozen butter for this method.

Grate The Butter

Another effective way to soften or melt butter is through grating it. If you are in a hurry then this method is effective. This method should be used for nearly frozen butter that needs a quick thaw or melt. Simply grate your butter on the large holes of a box grater for quick melting.

Pound The Butter

An easy and relieving way to soften butter is to pound it. This method is especially useful if you want to spread the butter on something like bread or you need to bake with it. Pounding butter is also a fun way to relieve yourself of stress. All you need to do is to put your butter in a zip-top bag and take your rolling pin or meat pounder to flatten the butter then get to pounding. The pounding will soften the butter and keep it cool. If you leave your butter for a few minutes on the counter under room temperature the butter will become soft in no time. Just a few hits will do the trick.

The Water Bath Method

Also on our list of methods for melting butter is the water bath method. This method of melting butter is another easy way. It is quick and best for melting multiple blocks all at once.

You Will Need

  • A slow cooker
  • Butter
  • Bowls

Follow These Steps

  • You can simply leave the block of butter as is or cut it into cubes
  • Fill your slow cooker with some hot water
  • Set your heat on high and leave the lid off
  • Put your butter inside a bowl
  • Put your bowl into the water
  • Make sure that no water gets inside the bowl
  • Leave your cooker with its lid off for 20 to 30 minutes for your butter to melt
  • Remove when the butter is ready

The Slow Cooker Method

The slow cooker method is one the best ways to melt your butter. It is also ideal for melting large blocks of butter

You Need

  • A slow cooker
  • Your blocks of butter

Follow These Steps

  • You can leave the bars if they are not too big or cut your butter into cubes
  • Place your butter directly inside the slow cooker
  • Set your cooker to medium heat
  • Cover the cooker and let it cook for a few minutes or so, depending on how soft you want the butter to be
  • Reduce the heat to low and continue cooking until you get your desired results
  • Take out your butter when ready

The Sandwich Bag Method

The other method you can try to melt or soften your butter is the sandwich method. This method is ideal if you really want your butter to become soft.

What You Need

  • A plastic
  • Your block of butter

Follow These Steps

  • Place a block of butter inside a reusable plastic bag if it is not too big. You can cut the butter into cubes if the blocks of butter are too large.
  • Seal the bag completely
  • You can place the plastic bag inside another reusable bag to ensure that water does not sip into the bags
  • Place the bags inside hot water and leave them to soften for a bit
  • When your butter has melted use a scissors to cut open the bags

Cup Steaming

Also on our list of ways to soften or melt butter is cup steaming. This method is simple and easy to follow. Find a cup or glass large enough to fit your butter. Heat up some water and pour it inside the cup and leave it for sometime, then pour it out. Soon after pouring the water out put the cup over an unwrapped stick or block of butter. The humid environment will react with the trapped butter, but after a few minutes, the temperature will rapidly cool down together with its softening power. The outside of your butter will be much softer than the core. You can then unwrap your butter and allow it to sit on the counter. You can also use a small pot if you have one to heat up water on the stovetop and then put the pot over the unwrapped butter soon after pouring the water out.

Stand Mixer

Using a stand mixer is perfect if you need some softened butter for creaming with sugar. Simply cut the butter into even-sized cubes or slices. Place the butter inside the mixer and mix on medium-low speed until it reaches the desired softness. The friction that is created between the paddle and the bowl will heat up your butter. With this method you would have completed one step for your baking.

Tips For Softening Butter

  • Plan ahead- the best way to soften butter is to leave it out to thaw a day before or a few hours before you use it
  • Use low heat – If you plan on meting butter in the microwave make sure that you set it to low heat. Also keep in mind that using the microwave is not best way to soften your butter unless you want it to melt completely.

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