How To Make Ube Extract From Scratch

Make Ube Extract From Scratch

Ube extract is a colouring extract which is normally used for making eye-catching dishes. Ube are yams that are originally found in Southern Asia. The Ube extract is made from the Ube yams which are purple in colour and they give dishes a striking violet colour which makes your food more appealing. The Ube extract is commonly used by the Filipino. It is creamy and coconut like in taste and it is not really that sweet. The extract has a vanilla flavoured taste and an ounce of nuttiness. The Ube extract is flavourful, that is why it is normally used in sweet dishes, and mainly desserts.

Making Ube Extract From Scratch

In order to make Ube extract you will need

  • An 8 ounce glass jar/canning jar
  • 8 ounces of vodka
  • Ube yams

In order to make your Ube extract from scratch follow these steps;

  1. Pour 8 ounces of vodka in a glass jar/ canning jar
  2. Peel your Ube yam
  3. Add your peeled Ube yam to the jar
  4. Store your the jar for a month in a cool place like a cupboard and make sure it is stored in a place where light does not penetrate. You are supposed to leave your jar for 4 to 6 weeks so that the flavour develops properly.
  5. After a month or so, remove the flavouring (the Ube yam) and transfer the extract to another container.
  6. The extract should be safe to use.

How long Can You keep The Extract For?

Extracts do not go bad due to their high alcohol content. If you keep your Ube extract sealed, in a cupboard, and away from light and heat you should be able to keep it indefinitely. It only takes a few minutes to combine the ingredients for your Ube extract however, the process to extract the flavour from the ingredients, takes about 5 weeks.

What You Can Use As a substitute for Vodka

Using vodka is the best way to make your Ube extract since it is about 40% alcohol. Also, you are not able to taste the alcohol after making the extract because you will not be able to taste the vodka once the extract is made. The alcohol will simply burn up when baked or cooked, and when making your Ube extract you only use small amounts and that is completely negligible. However, if you need to, you can substitute vodka with vegetable glycerine. You will need to use one part water and three parts vegetable glycerine in place of the Vodka. You can also use bourbon, which will have a slightly noticeable, rich flavour.

What You Can Use To Substitute for Ube Extract

If you do not have the time to make an extract from scratch, there are other ways to obtain the same rich Ube taste and colour. You can simply use Ube yams or Ube powder.

Ube Yams

Instead of Ube extract you can make use of Ube powder and Ube yams in your recipes.  The Ube yam itself, the purple yam,  be it fresh or frozen is a perfect substitute for Ube extract. You simply peel it first, steam it then grate it before incorporating it into a recipe. The yam gives the dish or dessert just the right amount of violet colour and vibrancy an Ube extract normally offers.

Ube Powder

Powdered Ube is another perfect substitute for Ube extract. The powder gives the dessert a strong creamy Ube taste. Powdered Ube is simply a dehydrated Ube yam. In order to achieve that striking violet colour, the powder alone is not enough, so you will need to add artificial colouring. When you need to use the powder in recipes, mix it with water and bring it to heat, then leave it to boil until its texture is as thick as a sweet potato puree.

Ube Extract Nutritious Value

Although Ube extract, yams or powder may be popular for colouring food, Ube extract is as nutritious as a sweet potato. The Ube extract, and yam is a good sauce of fibre, vitamins and minerals which protect the body against cellular damage. Ube also has small amounts of calcium and iron. The antioxidants in the Ube extract give it a purple hue, and help the body fight inflammation. The Ube extract consists of a resistant starch which acts as a prebiotic fibre that is responsible for enhancing the growth of a beneficial bacteria in the gut. As a result, this helps the gut flourish and protect one’s immune system.

Desserts That Go Well With Ube Extract

Ice cream

Ice cream is one of the first desserts that come to mind when speaking of Ube Extract. Simply add a spoon of Ube extract to your ice cream before freezing it and stir to reach the desired purple hue. The extract will add a nice flavour and colouring to your ice cream.


You can simply apply Ube extract as a topping.  You can pour the Ube extract into your cream so it turns purple, then use it as a topping for fluffy waffles or Ube cream sandwiches. The Ube extract will add a nice flavour to your waffles and sandwiches.

Cake And Cupcakes

Cakes and cupcakes taste better when you incorporate your Ube extract into a vanilla cake or cupcake recipe. Also, the violet colour will add vibrancy to the cake and cupcakes. Unlike artificial food colouring, Ube extract not only adds colour to the cake but it also adds moisture as well as flavour. You can never go wrong when it comes to cakes and Ube extract.


Another desert meal that goes well with Ube extract are cookies. You simply mix the Ube extract into the cookie dough which will produce tasty lavender cookies. The Ube extract will also add a nice flavour to your cookies.


Ube donuts are also very tasty. You can just add your Ube extract in your dough for the rich flavour. In addition, you can also mix your dough with Ube powder or Ube yams. You will get rich Ube flavoured donuts.

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