Where To Find Ice Cream Cones In Grocery Store

Find Ice Cream Cones In Grocery Store

Ice cream cones are one of the trickiest things to locate in a grocery store, luckily this article highlights the aisles and sections where this product is usually placed. A list of popular stores that usually have this product are also highlighted below so you can always buy from there.


Which Section Or Aisle To Find Ice Cream Cones In Grocery Store

The first place where you can find ice cream cones in grocery store is at the dessert section or the baking section. Here you will find ice cream cones placed close to cake decoration ingredients.

If you do not find ice cream cones in the above stated area, the next place where you can find ice cream cones in grocery store is near the refrigerator or freezer section. Usually the ice cream cones will be placed on a shelf that is adjacent or close to refrigerator section.

If you are having a hard time locating it, you can always ask one of the store representatives to help you out.

What Grocery Stores Sell Ice Cream Cones

Amazonon Amazon you can find different brands of ice cream cones. The advantage of buying on Amazon is that it is an online store so you can buy any products from the comfort of your house.

Walmart– at Walmart they usually have brands like Keebler but you can always check their website to see if other brands are available.

Kroger– they have their own store brand of waffle cones however, you can still find other brands of ice cream cones.

Target– this product can be found at Target so you can always buy from there.

Whole foods market– you can find organic ice cream cones at Whole foods market which can consider trying out.

Meijer– this product is available at Meijer and if you are in need of a specific brand then simply check on their website to see which options are available.

Safeway– brands like Signature Select can be found at Safeway so you can always buy from there.

Publix– if there is a Publix store in your area then you can buy ice cream cones and waffles there.

Vons– they usually have brands like Signature Select at Vons so you can always choose to buy from there.

Ralphs– brands like Keebler can be found at Ralphs. If you are looking for a different brand, please visit their website to check if it is available.

H-E-B– this product can be found at any H-E-B store.

Albertsons– brands like Joy can be found at Albertsons. If you are looking for a specific brand, simply visit their website.

Weis Markets– you can find a variety of brands at Weis Markets.

Hannaford– they usually have ice cream cones in stock so you can always buy from there.

Wegmans– you can find brands like Joy at Wegmans. If you are searching for a specific brand you can always check product availability on their website.

How To Use Ice Cream Cones

Pie Crust

We are all used to seeing these cones being used to hold ice cream however, they can have a number of uses including making pie crust. In order to make the crust, simply crush the ice cream cone into small pieces and then place them in a pie pan. You can then add a cheesecake filling on top or custard filling.


Ice cream cones can also be used when making parfaits. They will add a nice crunchy and sugary feel to your parfait. All you have to do is crush the cones using a food processor or your hands and add a layer of them into the parfait.


Waffle ice cream cones can be used as a substitute for the cannoli shell. This means you can just take your ricotta filling and place it inside the cone. Add a few chocolate chips or pistachios on top so that the dessert looks more appetizing.


Ice cream cones can also be used to make decorations for cakes or Halloween. If you are making a birthday cake you can place them on top of the cake and decorate them with frosting. For Halloween, you can just put some candy inside and your guests can enjoy picking out their candies from these amazing cones.


You can make your DIY granola using ice cream cones. In order to do this, simply crush the cones into pea-size pieces. Take your oats, nuts, raisins and combine them with the cones. The cone will add a sweet flavor to the granola.

How To Store Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream cones should be stored in a cool, dry area away from sunlight. They should also be placed in an airtight container. This is because, if ice cream cones are exposed to air, they tends to deteriorate in flavor as well as texture. Therefore, it is very important that you store them in the correct manner. When ice cream cones are stored the right way, they can last for up to 1 year, after that they will start to deteriorate in flavor.

Disadvantages Of Eating Ice Cream Cones

While ice cream cones might seem like a harmless food item, they actually contain a lot of sugar which can be bad for your health. Therefore, it is highly advisable that ice cream cones should not be taken on a daily basis. You could end up with diabetes or you can experience excessive weight gain.

Do Ice Cream Cones Go Soft In The Fridge?

Yes, ice cream cones go soft in the fridge. This is because, the fridge contains a lot of moisture and this ingredient does not do well in moist environments. Therefore, you should always put ice cream cones in a moist free environment preferable a cupboard or in the pantry.


Finding ice cream cones can be a bit tricky, but if you follow this store guide you will be able to locate them quickly. It is worth noting that food items are normally placed close to ingredients that they are commonly used with. So if you are having a hard time locating a certain ingredient at your local store, try to think what food item is usually incorporated or mixed with.

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