Where To Find Goji Berries In Grocery Store

Find Goji Berries In Grocery Store

If you are searching for where to find goji berries in grocery store then you are at the right place. Below is a store guide with a list of sections and aisles in which this product is usually kept. Carefully follow it in order to find goji berries in grocery store. There is also a list of popular stores that sell this product.


What Are Goji Berries?

Goji berries also known as wolfberries are a type of berry that is indigenous to Asia. These berries have a reddish orange like color and they grow on vines. They look a bit more like tiny grape tomatoes. Goji berries have a number of health benefits and that is why many people are now including them in their diets.

Which Section Or Aisle To Find Goji Berries In Grocery Store

The first place where you can find goji berries in grocery store is at the supplements section. This is because these berries are now being used as supplements by people. The goji berries you find at this section will be dried.

If your store has a natural foods section then that is the next place where you can find goji berries in grocery store.

The last place where you can check for goji berries in grocery store is at the bulk section. Here you will be able to buy dried goji berries in bulk.

What Grocery Stores Sell Goji Berries

Amazonyou can find different brands of goji berries on Amazon. The advantage of buying on Amazon is that it is an online store, so you can basically buy everything from the comfort of your house.

Walmart– at Walmart you can find brands like Viva Natural. If you do not know any Walmart store in your area, simply use their online store locater to find the nearest grocery store that sells this product.

Target– you can find the Navitas brand of goji berries at Target so you can always buy from there.

Kroger– at Kroger you can find brands like Wildly Organic and Navitas. If you are in need of other brands, simply check their website to see which options are available.

Albertsons– goji berries can be found at Albertsons. They usually have brands like Navitas which you can always try out.

Vons– you can find brands like Navitas at Vons. You can also make use of their website to see which other brands are available.

Meijer– you can find dried goji berries at Meijer. If you are looking for a specific brand you can always check product availability on their website.

Safeway– at Safeway you can find brands like Navitas.

Publix– if there is a Publix store in your area then you can buy goji berries there, they usually have them in stock.

Whole foods market– this product can be found at Whole foods market so you can always opt to buy from there.

Hannaford– this product can be found at Hannaford so you can try buying from there.

Costco– they usually have the Made in Nature brand of dried goji berries so you can always buy from there.

Local health food store– there is a high chance that your local health food store will have this product in stock. This is because goji berries are considered to be very healthy.

Asian Market– there is a good chance that your local Asian market will have these berries in store.

Wegmans– this product is usually available so you can buy from there.

How To Use Goji Berries


Goji berries can be used to make smoothies. In order to make the smoothie you can start by taking a handful of fried goji berries and adding them to water for 10 minutes. Once they become plump and juicy you can then add them to your smoothie. Goji berries help to boost the nutritional levels of your smoothie.


Goji berries can be added to cereals in the morning. They will help to add lots of flavor to your cereal. When using them, just add a handful of them.


If you want to make healthy tea you can always use goji berries. In order to do this, simply take a handful of goji berries and place them in a big glass of hot water. Let the dried goji berries sit and hydrate in the water for about 5 to 10 minutes or until they become plump and juicy. You can then drink he tea which will be enriched with so many nutrients.

Baked Goods

Goji berries can be used when making baked goods like muffins or scones. When adding them just treat them like raisins. They will add lots of flavor and texture to your baked goods.

Benefits Of Goji Berries

Boost The Immune System

One of the health benefits of eating goji berries is that they boost the immune system. This is mainly because they contain vitamins C and A. Vitamin C helps the body in producing antibodies that help to fight off and resist diseases whilst vitamin A helps to improve eyesight.

Improve Skin Health

Goji berries are also known to improve skin health. This is because they contain beta-carotene a plant phytochemical that helps to promote healthy skin. Beta-carotene can helps to reduce skin irritation, manage sun burns and also reduce the impact of aging on the skin.

May Promote Good Gut Health

Goji berries can also help to promote good gut health mainly because they contain fiber. Foods that are rich in fiber are known to improve digestion, so if you have goji berries you need to start incorporating them in your diet so as to improve your gut health.

How To Store Goji Berries

Dried goji berries should be stored in an airtight container, in a cool, dark area away from direct sunlight. Fresh goji berries should be consumed immediately after harvest since they have a shorter shelf life. If you have frozen goji berries, you need to store them in the freezer until you are ready to consume them.


Goji berries have so many health benefits and they can be found in any of the aisles stated above. It is worth highlighting that most of the stores indicated above have online shopping platforms which you can make use of.

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