Where To Find Basil In Grocery Store

Find Basil In Grocery Store

Basil is an aromatic herb that is in the same family as mint. It is commonly used as a topping in many dishes since it adds a pleasant flavour to food. Basil also has a number of health benefits that is why most people favour using it. If you are keen about buying basil then simply check out the article below it gives a guide on where to find basil in grocery store. Some of the grocery stores that sell basil will also be highlighted for your convenience.


Which sections or aisle to find basil in grocery store

The first place where you can find basil in grocery store is the produce section. You can find fresh basil that side, it is usually packed in plastic containers or bunched or bagged depending on which grocery store you have visited.

If you fail to find basil in the above stated area then the next place where to find basil in grocery store is at the front of the store. This is because some grocery stores place potted herbs at the front of the store. So you can always check on displays that garden plants or flowers whether it’s indoors or outdoors

What grocery stores sell basil?

Amazon– you can order fresh basil on Amazon or you can resort to buying dried basil if you like it.

Walmart– you can buy a whole basil plant at Walmart but if you do not want the whole plant you can always buy the basil leaves in the produce section.

Farmer’s market– if it’s the season for basil then you will definitely find basil at your nearest farmers market. The advantage of buying at any farmers market is that you can find different varieties of basil to choose from.

Whole foods– you can find fresh basil at Whole foods market. It is usually found in the produce section near the fruits and vegetable.

Trader Joe’s– you can buy a large pot of basil at Trader Joe’s which you can simply grow at your own house so that you do not necessarily have to go to the grocery store looking for basil.

Kroger– you can find organic basil at Kroger. They usually sell the organic basil from Simple truth.

Lowe’s– they commonly sell basil plants in the gardening area so you can always buy it and grow it at home.

Publix– if there is a Publix store in your area then this is the best place to buy basil. They usually have it in stock and you can come across different varieties of basil.

Asian Markets– you can find basil at Asian markets but you will mainly find Thai basil since it is the one commonly used in Asian cuisines.

King Soopers– you can find the Simple truth organic basil at King Soopers. It is usually placed in the produce section.

Winn-Dixie– you can buy fresh basil from Winn-Dixie simply check the produce area.

Piggly Wiggly– if there is a Piggly Wiggly store in your area you can buy basil from there because they usually have it in store.

Target– if there is a Target store in your area then you can always find basil in the produce area.

Wegmans– you can buy basil at Wegmans in the produce section. You will normally find Thai basil.

Exciting ways of using basil

Use basil to make pesto

One of the key ingredients when making pesto is basil therefore you can actually use store bought basil to make your own pesto at home. This is actually an economic way of using basil. If you love making pasta and serving it with pesto you can always buy the basil plant and grow it in your back yard. Each time you want to make pesto you can simply harvest the basil leaves from your garden and do it on your own instead of buying pesto from the grocery store. When you make your own basil pesto always store it in the refrigerator so that it can be preserved for a longer period of time.

Use basil when making a sandwich

One of the most exciting ways of using basil leaves is by adding then in your avocado sandwich. They will add an aroma to your sandwich whilst giving it a beautiful taste. It’s an easy sandwich to make and it can take you less than 5 minutes to complete the whole sandwich.

Use basil to make basil oil

Basil leaves can be used to make basil oil which can be used when making salads or pasta. To make the oil start by blanching the basil leaves in water. Cook them until they are nice and soft. The next stage is to drain all the water and let the basil leaves cool down in cold water. When they have cooled down simply drain all the water and in order to remove excess water from the basil leaves simply use a paper cloth or towel and squeeze out all the excess moisture. Place the basil leaves in a blender then blend them together with oil. You would have made your basil oil which you can put on your salads or pasta.

Use basil when making soup

Basil is an aromatic herb thus when added to food it releases a pleasant aroma and adds a nice flavour to it. You can add basil leaves to your soup when you are about to serve it. Simply treat the basil leaves as a garnish. The soup will be full of aroma and the flavour will be irresistible.

Use basil leaves as a topping for pizza

This is also something you can do with your basil. When you have finished making your pizza and it’s fresh out of the oven simply add a few basil leaves on top. This will make the pizza look more appealing whilst also adding flavour and aroma to the pizza.

NB: basil has so many varieties which can be confusing but all the different types can be used almost the same way. If your recipe does not specify which type of basil to use simply use the one that is at your disposal.

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