What Does Quorn Mince Taste Like?

Quorn Mince Taste

Quorn mince is a very popular alternative for meat especially for people who are vegetarians. This is because the ingredients used to make quorn mince do not contain meat. If you have never heard of quorn mince or maybe you have come across it but did not know what exactly it was then the article below will try to answer some of the frequently asked questions. Some of the widely asked questions revolve on what exactly quorn mince is, what it tastes like, its health benefits and mostly how it can be used. The article below answers the majority of the frequently asked questions so be sure to grasp all you can.


What is quorn mince?

Quorn mince is the vegetarian alternative to meat and it is made from mycoprotein, which is a single cell protein derived from fungus. The fungus is grown in fermentation tanks, the way the fungus is fermented is similar to how beer and yoghurt are fermented. When making non vegan quorn mince the fungus culture is dried and then mixed with a binder and egg albumen is used as the binder. However, when making vegan quorn mince potato protein is used as a binder and not egg albumen.

What quorn mince tastes like

Even though quorn mince is used a substitute for meat especially by vegans, quorn mince tastes nothing like meat because it absorbs the flavour of whatever it is cooked with. When raw quorn mince tastes drier and less oiler as compared to the regular mince.

Health benefits of quorn mince

NB: quorn mince contain mycoprotein also known as fungal protein. Mycoprotein is a plant based source of protein.

Quorn mince helps with weight loss

Quorn mince contains 90% mycoprotein which contains about a fraction of saturated fat as compared to meat. 100g of beef mince contain 16.2g of fat whereas 100g of quorn mince contains only 2g of fat. This is a huge difference so if you are trying to cut down of fat you can use quorn mince.

Quorn mince helps to reduce diabetes

Quorn mince contains mycoprotein which helps on lowering the sugar levels in people. So is you have diabetes you can try taking quorn mince it will help to reduce the sugar levels in your body. Furthermore, quorn mince does not have any sugar so if you have diabetes then this will be good food for you.

Quorn mince helps with digestion

Quorn mince contains mycoprotein which is very high in fibre, which helps the digestive system. When taking quorn mince the probability of suffering from constipation and other stomach disease will be minimal.

Quorn mince reduces cholesterol

As noted that quorn mince contains a small fraction of saturated fats this means that it helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. High cholesterol could head to high blood pressure, so if you are trying to live a healthy life please consider eating quorn mince.

How to use quorn mince

Use quorn mince to make spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti bolognese is usually cooked using beef mince, but if you are trying to live a healthier life or if you just want to try quorn mince you can just substitute beef mince with quorn mince. This is a very delicious recipe to try, so when you come across quorn mince in a grocery store do not hesitate to buy it, it could help you to cut down on carbs also.

Use quorn mince to make a salad

Quorn mince can also be used to make salads. The first thing you need to do is to fry the quorn mince until they turn soft. Mix it together with your favourite vegetables for example sugar peas, peppers and you can also add a fruit like apple. Use your favourite salad dressing to dress the salad so that it comes together beautifully.

Use quorn mince to make burritos

If you are a foodie who is into burritos, then you can try substituting beef mince or any type of mince you use for quorn mince. This will turn out to be delicious especially if you make a spicy burrito. The quorn mince will really absorb the spice, thus making the burrito more flavourful.

Use quorn mince to make a curry

If you are a lover of hot curry you can use quorn mince to make a madras curry. You can prepare your sauce separately and when it is done add the quorn mince and let them reach a boil, then turn down the heat, allow them to simmer for about 10 minutes until they have a nice texture to them.

Use quorn mince to make a burger

The other interesting thing to do with quorn mince is to use it to make a burger patty for your burgers. Simply substitute the meat with quorn mince and add the spices you would like in order to create a juicy burger.

Use quorn mince to make lasagne

The traditional method of making lasagne is by using mincemeat, however, if you are a vegetarian you can still enjoy lasagne by just substituting the meat with quorn mince.


Quorn mince is the perfect meat substitute if you are vegetarian or if you are simply trying to cut down on carbs. Although it is the perfect substitute for meat quorn mince tastes different from meat this is because it tends to absorb the flavours of whatever it is cooked with. Quorn mince is also hard as compared to beef mince and any other type of mince. It also contains less fat as compare to any other meat. It has a number of health benefits since it contains 90% of mycoprotein. Quorn mince helps with weight loss, it helps by reducing cholesterol in the body and also reduces diabetes. It is important to note that quorn mince has a high fibre content and this helps with digestion, since quorn mince can be digested faster. In the article the ways in which quorn mince can be used have been highlighted and it can be used in the same way as ordinary meat is used for example to make burgers, lasagne, burritos, salads and curry.

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