Substitute For Apricot Jam In Malva Pudding

Substitute For Apricot Jam In Malva Pudding

Sticky, sweet and moist are three words that aptly describe malva pudding. Known to go well with custard or other sweet toppings such as ice cream it is a popular dessert or sometimes on its own. Its key ingredients include apricot jam. There are several reasons people may want to avoid apricot jam not least amongst these is the possibility of peach allergies. Perhaps you just want to try something new or you cannot get your hands on apricot jam easily. Whichever the case finding an apricot jam substitute in your malva pudding recipe can be done.


Malva Pudding

Malva pudding is a dessert dish of South African origin that is a baked pudding. Malva pudding gets its name from the Afrikaans word malvalekker which means marshmallow. A conflicting theory states that the name Malva comes from the malvasia which is a wine grape produced in South Africa and used to make a wine that many believe was traditionally served with malva pudding. This theory is supported by bakers who include brandy or sherry in the sauce the recipe is made with. Whichever way you look at it malva pudding is a South African recipe. Malva pudding contains flour, milk, sugar and apricot jam. It usually served hot with an accompanying topping. Malva pudding is thick and moist in texture.


Apricot Jam

Apricot jam is a syrup based jam or jelly made from apricots and sometimes has pineapples and/or ginger mixed in to aid the flavour. The jam is made by boiling apricots and the other ingredients in a pot then blending the mixture to make a smooth jam. It is a mild flavoured jam compared to other jams such as marmalade or raspberry jam. One common allergy or reaction to apricots and other peach-like fruits is birch-fruit syndrome. According to research birch-fruit syndrome affects sufferers around the mouth. The allergen responsible for the reaction cannot survive cooking and so people who suffer from birch fruit syndrome should not be affected by cooked apricots as in apricot jam. All the same those looking for an apricot jam substitute in malva pudding can consider the following.


Ginger Jelly

Ginger jelly or ginger marmalade is a great substitute for the apricot jam in malva pudding. Ginger jelly, despite the strong flavour of its base ingredient ginger, is not an overpowering ingredient. Ginger jelly scores extra points for how well it blends with brandy and sherry for those who love to add them to their malva pudding recipe. As a jam, it’s also great because you add it in the same quantity as you would add apricot jam. In terms of availability, you will normally find ginger jam in a wide variety of stores including grocery and supermarkets. You will likely have an easier time finding apricot jam than ginger jelly so if availability is your issue you may not be in luck. Give ginger jelly a try in your malva pudding especially if you want a sweet-spicy twist to it.


Cherry Almond Jam

Cherry almond jam is made from a combination of cherries, almond extract, fruit pectin and sugar. With the distinct sharp sweetness of cherries smoothed by the mildness of almond extract, the jam provides an interesting flavour when put in malva pudding. Technically cherry almond jam is a preserve which is made by boiling whole sour cherries and sugar and mixing in liquid fruit pectin. The pectin helps to hold together the ingredients of the jam. The sour cherries are what give the jam the sharp sweetness. In malva pudding, the cherry flavour gives it an interesting twist, especially when combined with a topping like custard. Balanced with the smooth nutty hint of almond. This is a substitute best used if you want to try something different. It’s just as easy to find as apricot jam but also not very hard to make.

Red Currant Jelly

Red currant jelly which you may also find under the name red currant sauce is a popular condiment of English origin which is made from red currants, rosemary and sugar. Some recipes can be flavoured with red wine, white wine, port wine, orange zest or even mustard. Red currant jelly is popularly used as a glaze for holiday food heroes such as ham. You will also find it recommended for roast lamb, chicken and turkey. Red currant jelly has a tangy flavour thanks particularly to the combination of red currant and rosemary flavours. This may make it a bit of an odd substitute for the apricot jam in malva pudding but it certainly works. It is still sweet in overall flavour thanks to the red currants and sugar. Your malva pudding will have a bit more of a bite than it would with apricot jam.



Marmalade is a broad term for fruit preserves made from many different types of fruits. Preserves differ from jam and jelly in that preserves include both the pulp of the fruit and peels. Jam includes only the fruit pulp while jellies are strained of all the pulp from the fruit and are made from a pure syrup. Marmalades are mostly made from citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit and mandarins among others. They are often mixed with ginger and other flavour aids. So the first thing you will have to note about using marmalade is that you will have fruit pulp and peel chunks in your malva pudding. This is great if you like the particular fruit. You will also enjoy the variety of flavours marmalade can bring to your malva pudding.


You have a variety of apricot jam substitutes you can use in malva pudding. What you choose to use is up to your reasons for looking for an alternative and what’s easily available to you. Marmalade is the easiest to find and great if you want a citrus flavour twist to your malva pudding. Other options exist that do not include fruit pulp but can introduce different flavours to your malva pudding.

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