Foods That Start With X

food that start with x

There is a lot of food all over the world that begin with the letter X. These meals are found all over the world in countries such as China, India as well as Italy. Below are 10 of the meals that begin with a letter X.



The first on our list of foods beginning with X is the classic Italian soup Xavier. This Italian soup is prepared together with some juicy chicken dumplings. This soup is not that well-known, but most people might know that the soup is named after Saint Francis Xavier. It was a dish that was prepared on his feast day, and the recipe includes some complicated steps when it came to making the dumplings.

Xinomavro Grapes

Another interesting food that has a name that begins with an X are grapes. Namely the Xinomavro grapes. These grapes are a variety of grapes that wine makers may be aware of. The Xinomavro term  is a combination of the two words Xino and Mavro, which mean sour and black. These grapes are mostly found in the mountains of Macedonia which is located in northern Greece. The grapes make a rich wine. Also, the xinomavro grapes have a robust structure compared to other normal grapes. In addition, the grapes are high in acid with powerful tannins. The xinomavro grapes work well with dishes such as roasted lamb or beef or they can be tossed into a red sauce.


The third food with a name that starts with an X is a common food found in Mexico. A xoconostle is a native fruit that is grown in central Mexico. It is shaped like a pear with  pricks and it is quite appealing to look at. Also this fruits has a sour-bitter taste plus it is mostly liked by people who like a bitter taste in their food.


Also on our list of food beginning with the letter X is a xouba. A xouba is a small sardine-like fish that is native to Spain. This type of fish is normally caught in nets together with sardines. It is regarded as one of the oiliest cold-water fish. The xouba fish enhances the flavours in many food recipes, plus most people like the fish fried or stewed. You can find the canned variety of Xouba fish. However, finding it can be a bit challenging because only a few people like to eat it.


From Vietnam, we have xoi, a native Vietnamese dish that is very  popular and quite affordable. The dish is simply some sticky rice that can be used as a base for other local recipes. You can also have the rice as  a main dish. Another option can be having it as a savoury or sweet dish that you can have  at the end of your meal. This dish is an all-rounder dish that you can have either as an easy and quick breakfast or even as a snack every now and again. Others are known to have the dish as lunch and dinner too. Since the ingredients are easily accessible you can prepare it at the comfort of your home. Some people add sesame, soy sauce, as well as meat to the liquid of the dish in order to relish the flavour of the broth.

Xia Mi

Xia Mi is a rice shrimp that is named for the shrimp’s tiny size. The meal does not contain any rice. The word Xian Mi is a is a Chinese word for an ingredient that is popular in much of Asia as well as South America. The word means small, dehydrated shrimp. The shrimp is used to bring out a savoury umami flavour in a lot of dishes, and sometimes the shrimp is used as a seasoning than a main ingredient. The tiny shrimp can also be used in XO sauce; which is a spicy, savoury seafood-based sauce that is made in Hong Kong.


Also, another type of food that has a name beginning with a letter X is a Xacuti. This dish is a curry with a tricky blend of spices that are usually prepared in India. It is made with large dried red chilies with some white poppy seeds. It is a well know curry in India’s Goa. With some unique spicing, the white poppy seeds, are mixed together with coconut and red chillies. The xacuti can be prepared with chicken or lamb. This type of curry is popularly known as ‘chacuti’ in Portuguese. Chicken Xacuti is the common curry dish consisting of delicious flavours such as herbs as well as other spices. The curry’s complex flavours make it unique. In addition, the dish is gluten-free plus many people love it for its numerous traces of aromas and flavours.

Xiao long bao

The xiao long bao is a Chinese steamed bun that belongs to the Jiangnan region. The dish is associated with Wuxi and Shanghai. The bun has a smooth and delicate skin that will go together with a gelatinized meat broth or pork-based filling. On the other hand, Xiao Long Bao should not be considered as a good option for a healthy meal. It has a lot of calories but it can be consumed in small amounts. Thus, in order to stay in shape you should control your consumption. You can pair the bun with a lean protein dish.

Xampinyons En Salsa Mushrooms

Xampinyons en salsa mushrooms is a tapas dish that you may come across in many Latin American countries. The meal is prepared with wild mushrooms that are stir-fried together with some onion and garlic. The mushrooms are then served with a tomato puree, sherry, and they are spiced with cloves, salt, and black pepper. These mushrooms are usually served cold, but some like to have them heated.

Xingren Donfu

The last food that starts with X on our list is the Xingren Donfu. This dish is a popular dessert that you can come across in China and Beijing. It is also becoming popular all over the world.  The meal is made of almond milk or an alternative  type of milk, kernel milk, agar, gelatin, as well as sugar.

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